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3 Ways to Start Learning at Home with the Help of Technology

Schools are great but what if you can learn at home?

Interesting? Isn’t it?

If you are too cool for school or just bored of the conventional educational system, you can easily learn at home.

But how?

Technology and the Internet!

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They’re wonderful, aren’t they? With the right use of technology, you can easily learn anything you desire! Think of them as your genies with infinite wishes.

The fuse of technology and education is wonderful as it gets, gadgets solely made for students and teachers are not just helping students around the world but also simplifying complex issues for teachers. But what if we tell you that you can learn anything now without going to school at all and without interacting with any teacher directly.

Would you believe it?

Some of you might not believe it but it’s true!

Without further ado, here are 3 ways you can start learning anything from home with the help of technology.


Learning by gaming?


That’s what most people would think when you say that you have learned or are learning something from a game.

There could be 2 types of learning from games

  • Direct learning
  • Skill development

If we talk about direct learning, it’s simple as it gets, subjects like literature or math are turned into puzzle-like games in which you solve the problems and get to the next level. For example, there are word games that require you to create words or find words and related stuff. The mathematical games are similar as well, they start with simple sums and as you get through the level and understand the base concepts, you can get better at math.

Skill development games could be linked to the games that directly teach concepts or be different than them. The best example of a skill-developing game could be “Minecraft”.

What? Minecraft?

Yes, you heard it right, Minecraft may seem like silly kids game with crafting and building elements. Minecraft not only teaches you to combine and fuse things to make new material but also teaches you concepts of cost-benefit analysis, it teaches you what to spend when and what to rationalize for later use. Yes, these are budgeting skills that kids are sharpening just by playing a fun game.

With the immense popularity of the game, Microsoft bought Minecraft and made an educational edition for it, which helps students with coding and other related things!

Incredible, isn’t it?


Educational Apps and Websites

Educational apps are highly underestimated.

Tons of educational apps but not many people are aware of them. From quantum physics to baking, you can learn anything from the educational apps. As we talk, here are a few great educational apps you can use right now for free to start learning anything you want

  • org
  • Photomath
  • Duolingo

And a lot more but these three are three different kinds of apps that you can use to learn anything from.

If we talk about Khan Academy, you can learn anything from Arts and Humanities to Science and Math easily, although Khan Academy focuses on teaching K-12 students, if you want to learn anything on a higher level, you can move toward Udemy or edX, they are great but as we know, everything has its cons and pros.

Khan Academy has the Best Teachers!

While Khan Academy is a 100% NPO and run no ads on their platform, Udemy and edX are freemium, means they are free to the extent of usability but not completely. Whereas Udemy offers some advanced courses, they can go up to 100$.

So, it depends on your choice of where you want to learn and what you want to learn. You can either learn all the basic concepts you want for free or pay an affordable price for a course that can teach you a lot of things.

Duolingo: Speak Your Mind!

Duolingo specializes in teaching languages. With Duolingo, you can easily learn to speak, read, and write any language whether it’s Spanish or Japanese. You can master any language for free in the easiest way possible!

Photomath: Math Superpowers for Every Student

Photomath, as the name suggests, it’s an app specialized for scanning math problems and showing all the possible methods to do so!

There are tons of other apps and services online that you can use for free to learn different subjects.

Learning from YouTube?

Okay, we get it that you use YouTube for make-up tutorials, cat videos, and music videos.

But have you have ever stumbled across the educational side of YouTube?

If you think YouTube falls in the category of educational apps and webs, you might be right but not completely. As we talk, YouTube is not completely for academic educational purposes.

You can even learn how to build a house just from YouTube! You just have to find the right video or channel and you can learn anything from YouTube just by watching videos.

You can learn how to cook, bake, or anything as we said before. If there’s something you are having a problem with, YouTube has the solution to it, if you don’t believe us, you can go and look for yourself!


So these were three ways you can learn anything while sitting at your home without having to directly communicate with anyone. Although there are ways like Google Classroom which can help you get in touch with teachers who can assist you with homework or anything related!


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