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4 Funny Things to Say As Spoken By Famous Cartoon Characters

Life is no doubt weird. And it only makes sense to say weird and funny stuff to comply with life’s folly. There are many ways to do this. And more than that are the ways from which we can know about such weird and funny things to say. Needless to say, human is the creator of all these ways and no matter the way, it all leads back to the human brain, that is full of such weird stuff.

In this blog, we shall be talking about some weird things to say, not to mention funny, which you can use in your daily lives. However, we will be borrowing these words from our famous Thewatchcartoon Online characters that have played a huge role in our childhood. Now that we have grown up, we only seem to understand how very useful they can be in our day-to-day situations.

Here are 4lines borrowed from some of our childhood cartoon characters that are still relevant and always will be so:

  • “I know this defies the law of gravity, but, you see, I never studied law!”- Bugs bunny

One of the most popular cartoon characters of all times, our very own Bugs Bunny always will be the champion of something funny to say. Weird and funny all the same, this one sentence of his is the be all and end all mic drop when you throw a pen or paper-ball, or anything worth throwing, at your “great” colleague at work. This makes it common for all the people who work in an office. Whenever you feel bored, just throw something at your colleague and when asked why, just pretend nothing happened and say this. While the colleague gives the best weird expression, the others will end up laughing. And that’s exactly what you wanted.

  • “I ain’t no tailor, but I know what suits me.”- Popeye, The Sailor Man

We all know how proud Popeye is and rightfully so. He is a sailor. He has been to the seas and has seen nature more than we all have. So borrowing his words is a thing of pride. This particular example is worth mentioning. Imagine trying out a new dress or shirt or shoes, basically a piece of apparel which you thinks suits you. However, you mom or your partner or even your best friend does not like it. But you do. Certainly one of the funniest weird things to say. Drop the mic with this single line and have it your own way. You own the stage. What you wear is up to you.

  • “Stupidity isn’t a virus … but it sure is spreading like one!” ― Sandy (SpongeBob SquarePants)

This line by our lovable Sandy of SpongeBob SquarePants, serves in almost any situation. Say for example someone says something illogical and stupid and you can barely hold yourself together. Yet do not want to yell at him or her. Just say this line clearly so that all other people hear it. Then you can relax and let the person handle the mockery. This line is one of the most random things to say that is very much helpful…in mocking without mocking. Who needs anything else?
Your friend who says something stupid.

  • “I’m normally not a praying man, but if you’re up there, please save me Superman.” – Homer, The Simpsons

In this world, there is a punch line for everyone. Take this one for example. Spoken by Homer of the Simpsons, this is just the perfect line for any atheist. Seriously speaking, if you are fed up with work or something else, with your God-believing friends around you, begin with this line…pause for 2 seconds at the word “..but..” and just look at faces in a glance. Then complete it and see their expressions change. It works great to lighten up the mood and you remain an atheist. All happy.

These 4 weird things to say are funny and serve great in your daily life. There are many blogs on the internet that provide more of such funny things to say. Look them up add the perfect weirdness to life.


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