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How Do I Style My Human Hair Extensions?

One of the easiest ways to switch up your look is to change your hairstyle. Adding extensions is a fun way to add volume and length to your hair. By adding 100% human hair extensions you can try new hairstyles that require long lengths

Styling As Normal

100% Human hair extensions can be treated just like your own natural locks. They can be curled, blow-dried, and straightened much as you would normally. You can’t do this with synthetic hair extensions as hair dyes would damage the extensions and hot styling tools can melt the hair. Human hair can take friction, hair products, and heat, unlike synthetic hair extensions.

 Virgin Straight Hair

 When you are styling 100% human hair extensions, it’s important to use a heat protection spray, serum or oil. By using a protectant, your extensions will stay looking great for longer. Always test the tips of your extensions with the lowest heat setting to avoid a costly and damaging mistake. 

 Be mindful of the products you use on your hair extensions. Overusing products will lead to build-up, which can cause itchiness and damage. We recommend reading the ingredients carefully and opting for alcohol-free products when possible. 

 Drying Your Human Hair Extensions

Drying your hair with a hairdryer is a fantastic way of keeping the hair cuticle flat and your human hair extensions laid gently. For the best results use a low heat setting, this cares for the bonds and stops them from becoming damaged. Dry the hair by pointing the nozzle downwards, working from the root down. 

Hair dryer

Straightening Your Human Hair Extensions

Invest in a hair straightener with a heat setting to get the most from your hair extensions. If you have recently blow-dried your hair, then make sure you straighten on a low heat setting. If you have curly 100% human hair extensions or have left your hair to dry naturally, you can use a higher heat setting. Finishing with argan oil will make the extensions stay looking better for longer. 

Curling Your Human Hair Extensions

If you regularly style your hair with curling tongs, it may take some time to readjust and learn a new technique. Because human hair extensions are usually thicker than natural hair, it will take longer to create a curl. If you use heated rollers, you’ll need to leave them in longer than you normally would. We recommend experimenting with how long it takes to curl and how much hairspray it needs to hold the shape. Ionic ceramic heating tools are the best choice, as they offer the gentlest means of styling human hair bundles at high temperatures.

Hair curling

Caring for and styling 100% human hair extensions is practically the same as natural hair, only using milder products and lower temperatures. By following this advice, your hair extensions will stay looking silky and natural for longer. Ultimately, it will take some trial and error to style your new hair extensions and get the desired final look.



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