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5 tips to increase your internet sales

If you have an online store, surely what interests you most is selling as much as possible. An online business, like a traditional one, is sustained by selling products or services. The more products or services you sell, the more profitable the business will be.

In many occasions we are blinded in having a nice website and with good prices, but we forget to optimize some things with which we could achieve many more sales with that beautiful design that we have and those competitive prices that we offer.
Competing with added value and not changing prices
Sustainability in a market like digital depends largely on the offers and promotions that online stores offer. When products are constantly being modified, what is achieved is that customers wait until prices are reduced, which will generate lower income and weaken people’s favorable perception of the brand.

On the other hand, ecommerce must focus on the value of their products, establish Omni channel actions, and offer customers a worthwhile experience that they will be willing to pay for. Another tip is to facilitate payment options and make sure that the processes will be fast.

Define a market segment
Focusing on another segment does not mean selling new products or changing the brand image to ‘fit in’ with other customers. Sometimes, it’s just about focusing on another market that may not have been considered.

Connect the content to each sales channel

It is very common for brands that are dedicated to online sales to not associate their marketing content with sales. What they typically do is deliver information that helps the reader solve a problem or need information. In addition, it is important to know what the origin of the clients is. Do they come from social networks? From third party references? Therefore, it is important to analyze this type of information.

After analysis, it is recommended to create content that is attractive to customers and that encourages the purchase of products, such as articles on the business sector, preferably moving images, GIFS, videos, among other content.

Explore alternative channels

Many times, online business owners are confused to believe that making a website and getting many people aware of their social networks can make your business generate income. The truth is that a single channel cannot be expected to be the only source of income.

In addition, to reach new customers, those responsible for digital channels need to gather more information about their audience, such as their consumption trends, the digital channels that visitor use, among other data.

Moreover, you can also count on Wikipedia page in order to enhance online recognition of your website as well as online sales. A Wikipedia page about your business can help you gain not only credibility, but also reliability into your business. However, if you don’t know how to create a page on Wikipedia, you can turn to and wiki expert or Wikipedia editors.

Include graphics and animations in your messages

The last idea on how to sell online is focused on the use of graphic content on your online channels. It is more than demonstrated that this type of content is the one that works best when it comes to achieving more engagement and greater reach.

Therefore, the use of GIFs, graphics, info graphics, photos and videos should not be underestimated. Contents that have a place in all online channels and that can be used as protagonists or as support for textual content. They serve as a claim to attract users and visually show aspects of the products that cannot be understood otherwise. Therefore, they are essential when working on how to increase online sales.


Getting to understand how selling online is a long process that not all entrepreneurs who venture to launch their business on the Internet are willing to go through. Think that in marketing there is no written rule and that, therefore, the strategies that worked for others may not work for you.

For all these reasons, before carrying out actions to the norm, it is necessary to previously define a solid business plan, together with the planning of a series of strategies based on concrete and measurable objectives.


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