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Aftercare and Recovery Period for Laser Eye Surgery

It is very important to know about aftercare and recovery period when you perform a laser eye surgery. You must consider how you look after your eyes following the surgery just like the procedure. Nowadays, the eye clinics are creating a comprehensive aftercare plan that will help to evaluate the health of your eyes.  This way, you can be sure of having a great vision after the surgery. By leaving yourself completely into the hands of eye specialists, your vision will improve, for sure.

What you can expect from laser eye surgery

Once you perform LASEK and LASIK laser eye surgery, you might initially suffer from some kind of discomfort when your eyes begin to heal slowly. The amount of discomfort may differ from one patient to the other and this will also depend on the kind of laser eye surgery you have performed.

It is quite normal for the eyes to feel uncomfortable and somewhat watery in the first 24 hours after undergoing LASIK surgery. In case of LASIK, you may feel light sensitive for the first few days and the white part of your eyes might appear red for the first week or two after performing both kinds of laser eye surgery.

It is suggested that you follow the advice of your eye specialist and take proper care of your eyes once you undergo a laser eye surgery

This consists of taking eye drops, as prescribed by your eye care surgeon, wearing eye shields provided at the time of sleeping and putting your sunglasses while being outside. If you can during the first week of your surgery, try not to put water in the eyes and do not wear makeup for the first 7 days.

Your aftercare time period

After you perform a laser eye surgery in the UK, you can be assured that the eye surgeons will take care of your eyes. It is extremely important that you feel satisfied with your new vision and your eyes remain healthy after performing the surgery.

What should you do when you perform a laser eye surgery?

Once the surgery is done, you might suffer from sensitivity to light and mild discomfort. Your eyes will appear somewhat bloodshot and it is necessary to wear protective gogglesor non-prescription sunglasses at home and have a nap.

Next day aftercare appointment

This is a part of the aftercare programme. You need to go for a next day appointment where the eye care surgeon will check your eyes and see if the recovery is progressing as expected.

Ongoing appointments

The patients who perform a laser eye surgery need to attend a one-month and three-month appointments from the starting date of their treatment. They need to have proper access to 24-hour clinical advice and out-of-hours medical helpline.

Yearly eye checkup

You need to conduct an eye check up as a routine of health checks. It is suggested that you attend a bi-annual or yearly eye examination so that you feel confident about your eyes being healthy.

Thus, you need to talk to your eye specialist at the time of performing a laser eye surgery in London and correct your vision problems.


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