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How Does Wearing Braces Affect Playing an Instrument?

Several dental patients are talented enough to be good musical players. If you’re worried about how your ability to play a wind instrument can be affected by wearing braces, then we’re delighted to provide answers to questions that may be on your mind.

First of all, you may notice that your Invisalign clear braces affect your ability to play any wind instrument properly. However, with motivation and of course, practice it’s only a matter of time before you start hitting those high notes again.

Before undergoing your braces treatment

Before you undergo your dental treatment, ask the specialist what type of brace you would be given, and discuss with your Dental Clinic London dentist about the instrument you play. If you’re getting new braces fitted, be sure to fix this at a period when you have no important performance at hand.

Functional braces

Removable and functional braces can be removed from the mouth when a person wants to play their wind instrument. It’s advisable that you inform your dentist about the number of hours you practice every day, as leaving your brace out for extended periods can hinder your treatment progress.

Fixed braces

Your ability to play a wind instrument can be affected by treatment with a fixed brace. However, the chances are much lower that this will continue for over a couple of months, as you get accustomed to wearing your braces.

Playing a woodwind instrument

If you’re a woodwind player, you will most likely get used to playing with your braces in no time. Your normal playing ability will probably be restored within a couple of weeks.

Playing a brass instrument

For brass players, they may experience difficulty playing high notes when their brace is first installed. This should not be a reason to get discouraged, though, as their playing is expected to return to normal in just a couple of months.

Since a brass instrument has its mouthpiece pressed against the lips, some patients complain of soreness inside their mouth whilst playing their instrument. If you find yourself experiencing this, we advise that you ask your music instructor if the mouthpiece can be switched for a bigger one, and this can help you balance the load more evenly over the lips. It is also recommended that you try applying some brace wax to protect your cheeks and lips whilst you’re playing.

As a wind instrument player, you may sometimes have a dry mouth during your practice or performance. It is advisable to drink some water if you feel your mouth is starting to get dry, as sugary or fizzy drinks can cause damage to your teeth whilst you’re using a fixed brace.

If one or some of your teeth have been extracted as part of your dental procedure, then you should take a break from playing the instrument until when your mouth has healed completely.

After completing your treatment

After completing your dental treatment and your brace is taken out, it would most likely take some time before you adjust to playing without braces. Regardless, this will not affect the straight new smile that you’d be enjoying afterwards.

Would you like to ask us any extra questions on getting used to your new Invisalign clear braces? Then get in touch with any of our local Dental Clinic London team closest to you today and get the best Invisalign in London.


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