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Best Birthday Gifts For Your Long Distance Girlfriend

Long distance relationships have their own charm and can also be challenging sometimes. It is difficult to stay away from the love of your life for a long time and what is even more difficult is to not let the distance create a gap in your beautiful relationship. There are very little things that matter in a long distance relationship and even the smallest gesture of love and the stupidest of gifts can get you closer. While you may spend days and months without seeing each other, you also often tend to miss the special days of your life like birthdays and anniversaries. If your girlfriend stays far beyond the limits of your city and you wish to surprise her on her birthday, here are some gifts that you can consider if you are in a long distance relationship. From personalised gifts for her to beautiful bouquets she is all she ever wants. 

Cakes And Flowers: Arrange for a midnight cake delivery in your girlfriend’s city or country and surprise her with the best gift. Make her cut the cake over a video call with you and sing the happy birthday song to her on this day. You can also send an assortment of chocolates, cake, flowers, teddies and what not to make her feel loved the most. 

Boyfriend Pillow: It is usually before going to bed that you recall the memories of your life and the people who love you the most. If your girlfriend lives away from you in a different city or country, send her a boyfriend pillow with an arm as a birthday gift to provide her a comfortable sleep at night and so that she can hold you whenever she misses you. 

Video Message: There is nothing better than a video message where you can sing to her, talk to her, and tell her how much you miss her. Make some of her best friends also send her birthday wishes that will elate her completely.  Nothing is better than a lovely message from some of your loved ones and it works like magic when it comes to surprising your long distance girlfriend on her birthday. 

Dual Zone Watch: One of the most thoughtful gifts to give to your girlfriend on her birthday if she lives away from you in a different country is a dual zone watch that shows the time zones of both your countries. Save the hassle of her calculating the time difference every time she wishes to text or call you. It will also make her remind of you and your unconditional love for her. 

Photo Collage: There are memories and photos that are always close to our heart and creating a photo collage out of these memories and letting her know that you will always cherish the beautiful memories that you have together will surely make her day. You can also make a digital photo collage or a scrapbook and mail it to her on the midnight of her birthday. 

Long distance relationships may be difficult at times, but most of all they are beautiful and demand a lot of understanding and love. Celebrate your girlfriend’s birthday with these stylish gifts that will surely melt her heart. 


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