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How Multifocal Glasses Minimize Glass Need Post-Myopic Surgery?

Multifocal glasses are spectacles made with different lens powers. The different powers of these lenses help to correct the vision of the wearer. These lenses benefit people with eye conditions like presbyopia, i.e. the age-related vision problems. Techniques used in these lenses are useful for people aged 40 or above. They help people see the smallest words and thus these lenses are also known as reading glasses. Besides presbyopia, they help treat shortsightedness, astigmatism too.

Multifocal Glasses
Multifocal Glasses

Who are the appropriate candidates for multifocal glasses?

Doctors prescribe such glasses for people with presbyopia. The acute eye problem has the following symptoms:

  • You need to remove existing glasses at the time of reading the phone message.
  • Sometimes, you may need to extend the phone further to get a sharp edge of the writing.
  • You need to put on reading glasses at the time of reading.

What can you expect at the time of first using the lens?

  • When you first start to use multifocal glasses, you will see substantial development in the reading power. You will start reading without taking any glass.
  • You may need to read the newspaper beyond a comfortable distance when you are subtle to presbyopia. After using the glasses, you will be able to read from a comfortable distance.
  • The user can read the SMS in his free will.
  • Your accompaniment with the reading glasses will go out no sooner than you start using the glasses.

Reputed glass manufacturers can customize the glasses concerning the wearer. The multiple focal points are suitably designed so that the different prescriptions are equally distributed through the different eyeball movement.

Uniquely designed

The genius construction and configuration caters naturally to the eyeball movement. Thus, it will help you to reach the exact sharp point. The glasses help the wearer to see far and near with comfort. Therefore, it will be best for you to reach to your friends and check your ability to do a presentation and read the incoming message. He/you can thus utilize your glasses with élan.

Multifocal Glasses
Multifocal Glasses

The comparative advantages and demerits of multifocal glasses


  • The lenses bring up great visual acuteness for the varying distances.
  • The user can enjoy the easy transition between the ranges of prescriptions.
  • The user can conveniently see the object in almost any situation. Therefore, he will need no extra eyewear.


 The user may find difficulty in adjusting the new viewing experience with these new types of lenses.

  • Shadows and starbursts could be the initial disadvantages while adjusting the new lenses.
  • Higher costs.
  • Nighttime glare.

How multifocal glasses differ from bifocal lenses

Bifocal lenses are designed with two separately powered lenses in the line between the near and normal vision prescription lens area.

On the contrary, the differently focused lenses possess a smooth and gradual transition between the prescription for reading and seeing things. It could better help the viewer see the far off things. Therefore, these are better described as progressive glasses.


The progressive lenses can be classified into two varieties. These lenses come in both soft lens and gas permeable.  The most used progressive varieties are the concentric design. These lenses use a set of concentric circles in different lens power. The powers are set for separate viewing distances. The progressive lenses are also available in blended designs. This houses the close-up and distance prescriptions near the eye center.

Final words

Before choosing the appropriate progressive lenses make sure you take the suggestions of your doctor. The expert must know the lifestyle, hobbies, and regular activities of the patient. The optometrists will finally go through your prescription and will finally take out the best for you.


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