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Can You Wear Heels On Vinyl Flooring?

Can you wear heels on vinyl flooring? In most homes with a vinyl floor, the answer is an unequivocal “yes”. Unfortunately, this is not always the case, but it can.

If you are asking yourself this question, chances are that you are trying to make sure that you do not permanently damage your vinyl flooring, but you may be really tempted to wear heels on vinyl flooring to give yourself more height and sparkle for an evening out. The key is to tread carefully – a good rule of thumb is that the heel should not be more than 2 inches from the edge of the floor.

While it would seem like a good idea to wear heels on vinyl flooring, there are a few caveats which must be taken into account. The most important one is that your heel should never be touching the edge of the floor, and certainly should not be rubbing up against it.

There is a way around this, however, and that is to avoid wearing heels on vinyl flooring altogether. If you decide to wear heels on vinyl flooring in order to improve your height, consider wearing flat shoes instead.

If you are trying to wear heels on vinyl flooring and want to be sure that they are not rubbing up against the floor, there are other tricks you can try. Some of these include either adding your shoes to the heel of your shoe, or having a shoe with an insole which fits perfectly into the hole in your shoe toe.

It is very rare that you will find a pair of flat shoes that are appropriate for every occasion, but if you have one which is at least half a foot’s width wider than your foot’s width, it will almost certainly fit. Your shoes should also be about half a foot in length, which should allow the toes to touch the floor properly.

Another way to wear heels on vinyl flooring is to use high heels. This is the case if you live in an apartment or other space where there is limited space for movement.

When you wear heels on vinyl flooring, it is also possible to have them rub against each other so be careful. Keep in mind that if you are in a crowded room, the slightest touch of one shoe against another could cause huge problems for you.

Make sure that you feel comfortable wearing heels on vinyl flooring as it can be rather uncomfortable, especially if you are wearing the wrong type of shoes. Try to find some heel color that works well with your skin tone, and make sure that you get the right amount of extra heel height for your feet.

As a final point, consider that heels on vinyl flooring can get caught up in furniture and other pieces of furniture. Even if you have carpet or hardwood floors, remember that you are likely to be sitting down, so remember to avoid slouching as much as possible.

No matter how uncomfortable it is to wear heels on vinyl flooring, you can still have fun with it, and your feet can be your own fashion designers. Just remember that there are ways to look and feel great, but try to limit the amount of times you wear heels on vinyl flooring so that your feet are not as abused as possible.

Shoes that are not particularly comfortable will not be comfortable for you anyway. So ensure that you get yourself a nice pair of shoes, and also do not wear heels on vinyl flooring when they are not needed.


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