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Myth: You Can’t Do Projects With Scrum


There Are So Many People Who Say We Can’t Understand What Is Scrum And What Is Agile. They Are All Fooling Themselves And Not Accepting The Truth Because Scrum And Agile Is All About Simplicity. People Often Work Mechanically And Not Accepting The Right Way Or We Can Say The Modified Way Of Doing Things.

There Are So Much Misconception And Misinterpretation About The Scrum Framework And Agile Because People Often Do Not Understand The Concept Of It And They Are Just Making Assumptions That They Understand The Scrum Fully.

When A Team Takes A Project, They First Take The Requirements For The Projects From The Owner Or A Client. Then They List The Things That Are Necessary And Cannot Be Compromised. Then They Set The Deadline And Then They Give Time To Clients For The Project Delivery. Mostly, 95% Of Project Team Works With Same Processes And Frame Work Few Of Them Are Working Differently.

To Understand What Is Scrum, First We Need To Understand What Is Agile Methodology. We Need To Understand From Where, Agile Methodology Comes, Then We Can Easily Understand The Scrum Concept And We Will Easily Bust The Myth That Says “You Can’t Do Projects With Scrum”

What Is Agile Methodology?

So Guys Lets Understand Agile Methodology With This Definition:

  • The Term “Agile” Means The Ability To Respond Changes, Changes From Requirements, Technology, And People.

Now Days So Many Teams Or We Can Say The Project Development Teams Uses The Agile Methodology For Development Of Any Project Or Any Software Project.

Mostly, The Teams For Development Of Software Of Any App Development Teams Uses Waterfall Model. If You Are A It Engineer You Also Learned About This Model During Your Collage Time And It’s Very Easy To Understand This Model.

In Waterfall Model, Developers Of The Team Of Project Goes Step By Step. They Just Don’t Develop The Project Directly, Instead They First Gathers The Requirements Of Owner, They Do Analysis, They Set A Deadline For Completing The Project And How This Project Will Look Like After It Finishes, They Need To Consider This Before Starting A Big Project. And Waterfall Model Does It Efficiently.

But What Happens In Waterfall Model, The Team Cannot Go Back Once They Start, They Can’t Implement New Changes After The Starting Of Project. To Solve This Problem The Agile Methodology Comes Up And As Early The Definition Of Agile We See, Agile Means Adapting New Changes And Improving The Product.

What Is Scrum?

If You Go To Scrum.Org Website You Will See Definition Like This

  • “It’s A Better Way Of Building Products”

Scrum Is A Framework. It Is Simple To Understand But Difficult To Master.

Who Uses Scrum?

  • 90% Estimated Agile Teams Uses Scrum
  • It Is Practiced Everywhere.

How It Works?

Scrum Is Basically Use To Develop Or Deliver The Complex Product In An Easy Way Step By Step. Scrum Framework Are Used To Make The Development And Deployment Process Easy. Using Scrum Framework We Can Get The Product Within A Week, With 10% Finished Work And We Can Easily Deploy That Product In The Market. As Time Passes We Can Improve The Product From 10% To 20%, And From 20% To 30% Step Wise. This Small Steps Are Called Sprints. So Many Agile Developers Or Agile Teams Uses The Scrum Framework For Fast Delivery Of Product And Scrum Frameworks Helps Team To Implement Further Changes That A Client Wants Even If The Project Requirements Is Gathered. Scrum Can Provide Small Boundaries Which Team Members Can Easily Understands.

Suppose You Want To Build a App Like Facebook. But To Developer Team Says It Will Take 1 Year To Develop. But Now Days The Market Changes Very Fast, So You Need Your App To Deploy In The Market Within 1 Month. So What Will Developer Team Do, They Will Use The Scrum Framework To Develop App, They Just Divide The 1 Year Project Into Small Sprints. A Sprints Consists Of Development And Deployment In Small Time According To Specified Sprint Requirements. So As Soon As Time Passes You Will Get The App With Improvements And You Can Easily Deploy In Market Without Waste Of Time.

Busting The Myth:

The Myth Is That You Can’t Do Project With Scrum, I Say Its Just A Myth. You Can Work With Scrum When There Is Frequent Change In Requirements And Clients Want To Change The Requirements By Weekly Basis. Scrum Will Definitely Helps In Achieving The Short Term Product Deployment And It Can Also Implement The Requirements By Completing Every Sprints. Like Project We Can Say Sprint Will Used To Achieve Something In Short Term Rather Than Waiting For Long Term Completion. It Can Efficiently Guide You Step By Step, And You Can Review Product After Completion Of 1 Sprint. Scrum Has Product Backlogs And Product Requirements, And You Can Change Requirements As By Your Client Choices.


We Just Learn About How Scrum Can Easily Make The Deployment And Implementation Of Project Very Easy, And Step By Step. You Can Work With Scrum, And You Can Delivering The Project Within Time Sections With Changing The System Requirements According To User.



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