A lot of people might think that being famous means living a perfect life. Well, it’s easy for us to say when all we know is the fact that celebrities get to live in lavish mansion houses with some luxury cars and flamboyant parties every night, not to mention the millions of fans screaming their names wherever they go. 

While fame is something most of us dream of, some celebrities believe that maybe life is not just about the glitz and the glamour. In reality, our favourite stars are just like the rest of us who don’t always get everything in life. 

Who said being famous is always fancy? 

People will always see the perks and pleasures of a glam life. But, on the other side are stumbling blocks that most of us were not aware of. 

We live in an era where more and more celebrities are trying to be very vocal about what they truly feel, expressing their personal thoughts and feelings on Twitter or other social media platforms and even during interviews. 

Some of them, including Lady Gaga, Selena Gomez, and Adele have reportedly complained several times about being famous, which some haters thought of as an act of putting on a show to generate buzz in the business. But, psychologists thought of it as the other way around, saying these artists might be facing a battle with depression due to struggle from too much pressure. 

From deranged gossips to crowd struggles, here are a few reasons why some celebrities complain about fame sometimes. 

Nothing but Constant Pressure

For American pop singer Selena Gomez, her life as a celebrity is nothing but constant pressure, which made her experience depression and panic attacks before and after getting on stage. We’ve known Selena as someone who is very open and authentic with her fans. But later, she revealed that crying on stage as a way of expressing her true emotions at all times had certain effects on her. The star felt like she was not good enough and that she was letting her supporters down, making concert tours a lonely place for her.    

Losing a Lot of Friends

Celebrities admit that not everyone you work with in show business can be your friend. Being famous, it is really hard to know who your real friends and fake friends are. According to supermodel Gigi Hadid, her fame once had a huge impact on her circle of friends. She experienced losing some of them because of her busy schedules. But, she’s grateful for a few friends who stayed with her despite her busy career.   

Paparazzi Everywhere!

The veteran actor Johnny Depp has been very careful about going outside because every single thing they do in public will be photographed for sure. He even confessed how he’s making some sort of strategy when simply getting into and out of the hotel or a restaurant. Just like many famous celebs, Daniel Craig has also experienced the same thing. The availability of smartphones today has made everyone a paparazzi, taking photos of him while having dinner. The sad part is when stars wanted to get violent about it but they just couldn’t because they need to protect their image to the public as well as the celebrity management company they’re in.  

Red Carpet Sucks

People will always see the delightful smiles on celebrities’ faces every time they walk on glamorous events but in reality, Amy Schumer confessed that it was like a punishment. Some celebrities might be enjoying the flashes of cameras everywhere as they sashay on the red carpet, but Ariana Grande can’t stand that. She once twitted how red carpets are so awkward, uncomfortable and terrifying.   

Massive Bullying 

The worst thing about being famous is the fact that haters gonna hate. Despite living in a gorgeous house and driving Bentley all over downtown, actress Megan Fox believes that those luxuries are nothing when a star suddenly gets bullied by millions of people around the world.