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Benefits And Factors To Consider While Buying A Dresser

A dresser in your bedroom is the place where you gather confidence after putting on a dress to go outside. It is an important part of a modern household where you keep your dressing accessories and cosmetics. The drawers can be used to store the accessories you need to get ready for an outdoor stint.

You can either buy a dresser separately or go for a bedroom furniture set to bring a theme to your interior décor. Adding a dresser to your bedroom is a daunting task when it comes to choosing from a lot of available options online.

What to consider before buying a dressing table?

Imagine you have to get ready within half an hour. Your dresses are inside the wardrobe. Your cosmetics are in the closet. You have a standing mirror in another section. How many times do you have to bounce around inside your bedroom to dress? This is the prime motive of a dressing table. Apart from the clothes you want to wear, you will have everything within your range to start grooming yourself.

kids dresser with mirror

Choosing the right dressing unit is very important. Let us find out how it can be done without any hassle.

  • What do you need?

The first thing you will have to decide is your requirements. What are the accessories and grooming appliances you own? How many cabinets or drawers you need in the dressing unit? Will it be used by anyone else? These are things you need to figure out before choosing a dresser with mirror cheap. Your storage needs will determine the design you should go with. Separate drawers for different accessories such as jewelry, cosmetics, inner garments, socks, ties, etc are a must.

  • Space inside your bedroom

Considering the standard designs, a dresser has 6 to 9 drawers or sections and a mirror on the top. The height of this furniture unit can range from 26” to 44”. Similarly, the width of a dresser ranges from 36” to 60”. It can be 16” to 20” deep. This is not standard but the furniture manufacturing companies tend to follow it. Now that you have learned about the dimension stereotypes, you can choose the right dressing furniture set. When you are ready to buy a bedroom dresser with mirror, check how much space you can allot. Consider the other furniture present in the room to find a perfectly-matching design. Make sure you avoid clutter in your room and feel comfortable to roam.

  • Any specific theme

This is where you find something to focus on and prepare a theme. Consider what you have in your bedroom. Find a focal piece to concentrate on. For instance, if you have a brilliant mirror already installed, it can be the unit to put your thoughts into. A thematic choice will bring more evenness to your bedroom décor.

Benefits of adding a dressing table

It is an integral part of your bedroom furniture. A majority of homeowners go for bedroom furniture sets to avoid the hassles of finding units separately. If you want to buy a dressing table only, check out the factors mentioned above to make a great choice. This furniture unit is very helpful in arranging and organizing a few things. Adding a dressing table in your bedroom or your kid’s room will deliver the following benefits.

bedroom dresser with mirror phoenix

  • De-stress

As mentioned earlier, by using a furniture unit such as a dressing table, you will find the right place to keep a few of the essential things. These accessories are those items you need every day. It can be a clothing item to a cosmetic product, a grooming accessory to important medicines.

There is no reason to run amok in the home in the morning daily. Even at night, you will also find the right platform close to you where you can keep favorite books and magazines, your smartphones, tablets, watches, etc. An exclusive designer dresser is the answer.

  • Interior décor is elevated

Buying a brilliant dresser to match with your mirror will be the best item to elevate the interior décor of your bedroom. The exotic finish on rich wood material delivers a beautiful element to add to your bedroom’s furniture collection. This attractive unit will give a spacious platform to organize your life and decorate your home perfectly.

  • Teaching skills

If you want to teach your children organizational skills and bring discipline regarding keeping things at their places, start with a kids dresser with mirror. In this way, the kids will be very attentive to what you say. They will enjoy maintaining their dresser and keep the guidelines in mind. This is how kids start learning good habits from their parents. Following your style will help kids grow and become an organized person.

  • You can use the lights to do creative work

The dressers provide ample space on their top to work on something. You can use it to prepare a DIY face mask. If you maintain a personal journal, try writing on a dresser with mirror and lights where you can concentrate. In fact, you can also look deeper into yourself while doing such things.

  • A stylish unit that everyone will admire

A dressing unit beside the bed frame will be admired by your guests and friends. Your room will look more organized and clutter-free when you choose the right design. The bespoke designs in the online stores will attract the attention of your guests as a central point in the room. You can also keep one unit for the guestroom as well.


Here is what you needed to know to find a dresser and its benefits. Make your home more beautiful and your life more convenient with a beautiful and multipurpose dressing table.


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