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Dad of Autistic Son Now Help Others Counter this Medical Condition with Hyperbaric Therapy

Once an expert in nuclear medicine, Dr. Necip Cem Kinaci now spends his days seeking solutions that can counter autism. He took onto this initiative after his son was diagnosed with this health condition 18 years ago.

Dr. Kinaci spoke about his career change and his dedication to finding a solution for this neurodevelopmental health condition during an interview with the Anadolu Agency on World Autism Day.

Kinaci, who graduated from Capa Medicine Facility, Istanbul in 1984, said that he gave up everything to focus on his studies about autism for the sake of his son Ata, who was born in 1999. By the age of three, he started showing symptoms of autism. It was his kindergarten psychologist who made this revelation to his father. The psychologist said that Ata failed to maintain eye contact in school.

This notion was initially dismissed by Dr. Kinaci as Ata made good eye contact with his parents. However, Ata’s kindergarten psychologist insisted that the child failed to maintain eye contact with others. Ata’s parents had already noticed that their son was introverted but they thought it was due to the appointment of a new babysitter who was not very comfortable speaking in Turkish. However, finally in 2002 Ata was diagnosed with autism and his treatment started that year itself.

Dr. Kinaci and his wife were extremely disappointed to know that there was no cure for autism. Regardless that did not stop them from scouring the world for possible solutions that can improve Ata’s condition. It was during their research that they discovered hyperbaric therapy for autism.

What is Hyperbaric Therapy?

Hyperbaric therapy or hyperbaric oxygen therapy treats the patient with pure oxygen. It involves breathing in pure oxygen inside a pressurized compartment known as the hyperbaric chamber. Hyperbaric therapy for autism uses enhanced air pressure three times higher than the normal air pressure. While breathing in this increased air pressure environment, our lungs tend to take in more oxygen than it would be possible under normal conditions.

Inside the hyperbaric chamber, the blood and all other body fluids carry the pure oxygen to all parts of the body. The additional pure oxygen helps in fighting bacteria and also promotes healing by stimulating the production of stem cells and growth factors.

In this way, a higher concentration of pure oxygen reaches the brain and enhancing the body’s natural healing capacity. Hyperbaric Therapy for autism bore fruit for Ata after 40 sessions. He started talking again and sometimes managed to fluently express his thoughts.

Ata, who is now 20, is now a success story of how hyperbaric therapy for autism works. Hyperbaric therapy with autism helped Ata significantly and he is now quite interested in computers and has started spending his time online. He can also do his own cleaning and cooking.

Hyperbaric Therapy for Autism – A Novel Alternative Treatment for this Neurological Health Condition

Dr. Kinaci has written a book on autism and how to minimize the symptoms of this health condition after his experience with Ata. To date, he has shared his knowledge and expertise with more than 15,000 families from 76 different countries all of whom are trying to find viable ways to help their children deal with autism.

While there is no substantial proof as to what causes autism, Dr. Kinaci is of the view that heavy metals, toxic substances, and certain antibiotics might be the underlying cause of this neurodevelopmental condition. Autistic individuals express several physiological markers that can be alleviated by hyperbaric therapy for autism. These include cerebral inflammation, cerebral hypoxia, among many others. Several studies have suggested than other than using hyperbaric therapy for autism, controlled use of artificial fertilizers and pesticides can also help in preventing autism in the community.

The cases of autism have been rapidly rising in the US and currently stands at about one child being diagnosed autistic among fifty children below the age of eight. Although hyperbaric therapy for autism is yet to be approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the increasing number of positive cases has to lead to physicians recommending this alternative treatment for faster recove


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