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Cheap and Effective PPC Traffic Generation Methord

So here I will discuss some of the basic PPC Traffic Generation Method that hopefully will help you to deliver more traffic on your page.

When people talk about internet traffic (or web traffic if you like this term better), they always try to find a way to get more traffic for less. If you’re really good at search engine optimization, you can use on-site and off-site search optimization techniques and
get your site on the first SERP (search engine results page) for competitive keywords.

This can bring you a lot of traffic to your site, and consequently more prospects, sales, and customers. in short, you can get a nice residual income for working hard once and then just
working on the maintenance of that position, to make sure that you don’t suddenly drop-off from the first SERP into oblivion.

PPC To generate more traffic

This is nice, but there are a few substantial drawbacks to such a “free ride” approach.

First, you need to know a lot about search engine optimization, blogging, linking, tagging, social networks, podcasting and videocasting, press releases, etc (and the techniques I
mentioned are just the tip of the iceberg) in order to be able to get those coveted first page positions.

Second, even if you mastered this SEO skill, there is no guarantee that search engines won’t change their algorithms soon and you will have to look for the new techniques that will again allow you to sky-rocket your search engine ranking. And if this is the only
source of traffic you’re relying on, then after losing your premier SERP position your traffic will be reduced significantly.

Or you might just don’t have time or desire to learn all those SEO tips and tricks.

Whatever the case, I think it’s very important to have another source of your traffic for your site, preferably the one you could rely on. And this means you have to use PPC (pay-per-click) programs, such as Google Adwords as another source of traffic. Please note that I didn’t say that it should be “additional traffic source” or “supplemental traffic source”, it should be one of the main sources for your traffic.

Effective utilization of PPC campaigns can bring you traffic that is not only guaranteed, and you can get it in minutes after setting up a PPC campaign, but also you can get a huge amount of almost unlimited traffic very inexpensively (if you know how to do it).

But here we face another problem. If you don’t know the ropes, paying for cost-per-click programs can bring you to buy expensive clicks and can require a substantial monthly budget
with no guarantee for you to make any profits or even break even.

So you need to know what to do in order to pay substantially less than your competitor and be able to bid as low as 1 cent per click on Google Adwords (whereas the average lowest bid
the limit is 5 cents).

It’s also imperative that you track the stats of your campaign, at least know such basic things as the conversion ratio of the site you’re promoting. Then you will be able to tell how many sales (on average) you will have out of each 100 visitors you sent to
the site.

Many people don’t know how to do this. Neither do they know what a High-Quality Score is, why it’s important and how it can be improved There are many “secrets” that can help turn your unsuccessful PPC campaign into big


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