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PREP : Treat Your HIV

What is PEP?

Enthusiasm represents Post Exposure Prophylaxis for HIV. It is a blend of meds taken on the off chance that you speculate you may have been presented to HIV through risky sex or rape, and need to lessen the odds of getting tainted.

Kick is the solitary prescription that can lessen the danger of your turning out to be HIV positive. You should take these prescriptions inside 72 hours after openness, for an aggregate of 28 days.

Is PEP accessible in India?

Indeed. It very well might be simpler to acquire from private specialists or drug stores. The public authority run HIV programs additionally give PEP, however on a restricted scale.

When would it be advisable for me to take PEP?

In the event that you speculate that your sexual experience was risky, quickly look for PEP. You should begin PEP inside 72 hours from the hour of conceivable openness, for it to be viable. The sooner the better: each hour tallies.

Take PEP if:

  •     You had unprotected (without condom) vaginal or butt-centric sex (regardless of whether as a top or base)
  •     The condom broke or slipped while having intercourse
  •     You/your sexual accomplice was dry humping however you speculate that pre-cum or cum entered the butt or vagina.
  •     You/your sexual accomplice had draining gums when performing oral sex without a condom or dental dam, as well as in the event that you/they had cuts or wounds on the private parts
  •     You/your sexual accomplice were profound kissing and one/both of you had cuts or bruises in the mouth
  •     You were explicitly attacked or assaulted

Energy will help keep the HIV infection from spreading in your body, and you turn out to be HIV positive.

I had unprotected sex, however I have no manifestations of HIV like fever or the runs or night chills. Would it be advisable for me to in any case look for PEP?

Indeed you ought to. Indications normally connected with HIV like fever, looseness of the bowels, weight reduction, or feeling determinedly drained may require 3 a month and a half or more to appear, and a few groups might not have these manifestations by any stretch of the imagination. In this way, on the off chance that you speculate your sexual experience was unsafe, look for PEP without sitting tight for indications.

Do I have to test for HIV prior to beginning PEP?

Meet the specialist to talk about the strategy. The specialist may request that you complete a few tests, however won’t keep down PEP on the off chance that you are near the 72-hour window.

Most regular HIV tests will actually want to analyze whether you had a formerly settled HIV disease. A HIV positive outcome now may require an alternate arrangement of prescriptions. It will likewise permit you to caution your accomplice, with the goal that they may begin PEP in the event that they are HIV negative.

Must I see a specialist?

Indeed. In a perfect world, you should meet a specialist who is knowledgeable about treating HIV, a large number of whom are experts in STI/venereology. Your family doctor may not be prepared in treating HIV disease and might be one-sided against treating conceivable HIV contaminations.

What medicines should I get?

We recommend first seeing a doctor who will assess the risk of your exposure and then recommend PEP.  Only if it is impossible for you to meet a doctor within 72 hours should you consider starting on PEP first.

It is one tablet once per day for 28 days. Notwithstanding, if it’s not too much trouble, make certain to counsel a specialist in a hurry: they will survey your case and may recommend a change or expansion of a third ARV, contingent upon the nature and seriousness of the openness.

What would it be a good idea for me to examine with the specialist when you are looking for PEP?

Open up to your PCP. Specialists having some expertise in sexual wellbeing and explicitly sent diseases (STIs) normally don’t make moral decisions. Plainly express the hour of openness, method of openness, and so forth Moreover, uncover any previous occurrences of STIs that you were treated for.

Give full data on any medicine that you are at present taking, even food enhancements like mineral/nutrient tablets, protein enhancements, or anti-infection agents.

Your PCP will utilize this data to decide the most reasonable course of medicine (PEP) in light of your wellbeing, any prior conditions and prescription.

What significant focuses must I note from the conversation with the specialist?

Your PCP will control you on the treatment alternative. You may note down these:

  •     Any adjustments in meds that you are presently taking (for instance, some nutrient/mineral enhancements may influence the PEP medicine)
  •     Season of taking the drugs
  •     Any adjustments in food and resting propensities that you may have to make
  •     Any extra tests like liver-and kidney-work
  •     Next test date
  •     Next interview with the specialist

Imagine a scenario where I miss a day’s drug.

You MUST NOT. Ensure that you take the drugs each day simultaneously.

Here are a few hints:

  •     Keep a little box/holder with medications for a couple of days with you continually, including on the off chance that you go on movement
  •     Set yourself alerts at a few spans so you don’t pass up your medications.
  •     To secure your protection, you may eliminate the names from the holder to keep others from discovering what meds you are taking.

Does PEP have any results?

You may encounter results including queasiness (feeling like heaving), interfered with rest, outrageous sleepiness, and so forth Whatever the results, DO NOT STOP taking prescriptions. Address your PCP. They may decide to change the drug.

Is it protected to take PEP on the off chance that I have some other illnesses, or on the off chance that I am taking different prescriptions or on the off chance that I am on chemical treatment?

Check with your PCP. Enthusiasm medications may have collaborations with different prescriptions that you take, and can cause results on your liver and kidney. Anyway none of these ought to keep you from having the option to take PEP.

What amount does it cost?

A month’s measurement will cost between Rs. 2000 and Rs. 4000. If you want to buy best Prep in cheap price then visit our online store Oncohiv.com

What would it be a good idea for me to do in

 the wake of finishing PEP for 28 days?

Meet the specialist once more. Your PCP may recommend further tests for HIV just as for other infections like Hepatitis B and C.

I’m stressed I may become HIV positive even after PEP. What do I do?

Enthusiasm, whenever taken inside the 72-hour window, altogether diminishes your odds of turning out to be HIV positive. Do meet your PCP and examine your interests. Likewise, think about talking with an advocate. Vinay Chandran and Mahesh Natarajan in Bangalore, and Magdalene Jeyarathnam in Chennai, are among those you can contact. The registry of LGBTIQA+ agreeable medical care suppliers will have more postings.

Would I be able to address somebody about PEP?

You can talk namelessly to a couple of volunteers who may assist you with picking the correct advances. At present we have volunteers in Bangalore and Chennai. Oncohiv.com is the best online store for buy all type of generic medicines. 

Google talk/email: Contact oncohiv2011@gmail.com  

I missed the 72-hour window. What do I do now?

Meet the specialist and talk about your choices. Your primary care physician may request that you do a couple of tests and propose the best strategy.

How regularly would I be able to take PEP?

Kick is expected for use after coincidental openness to somebody who is known to have HIV or on the off chance that you don’t have a clue about their HIV status. It is a 28-day course. Assuming you expect that you may regularly be in danger, maybe you ought to think about Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP). [link for buy prep uk]

Would I be able to take PEP as opposed to utilizing condoms?

We don’t suggest this. Condoms, whenever utilized reliably and accurately, can ensure against a wide scope of STIs including HIV. Kick (and PrEP) are expected for use against HIV however won’t keep you from getting other STIs.

I’m HIV negative, however involved with an accomplice who is living with HIV. Would it be advisable for me to utilize PEP? 

In the event that you routinely participate in penetrative sex with an accomplice living with HIV, at that point PreP might be more suitable for you than PEP. Snap here [link will be up soon] to find out about PrEP.



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