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4 Methods to Convert PDF to Grayscale (Black And White)

There are many advantages of converting a PDF file to a grayscale. We can easily save these files on our devices without consuming too much space. It becomes necessary if you want to print a file in grayscale. You can easily convert your PDFs into grayscale with a PDF scanner app.

Do you need a go-to solution for your PDF conversions? Here we share 4 methods to convert PDFs into a grayscale.

How To Convert PDFs To Grayscale?

Many tools can help us to achieve satisfying conversion. Let’s talk about 4 different ways to get best grayscale conversions.

Method-1 Use FlashScan-The Best PDF Converter App

Converting color PDFs into grayscale (black and white) is very easy with FlashScan app. Follow these steps to achieve the best conversion.

Steps to convert PDFs into Grayscale with FlashScan App

  1. Choose the file that you want to convert into grayscale with FlashScan.
  2. Pick the grayscale or Black and white 1 or 2 option from the available post-scan filters. 
  3. Tap apply and see how easily you can convert PDFs into grayscale.

Apart from this, there are many exciting features of this app that make it a comprehensive document scanning app.

  • Users can scan any papers with FlashScan. 
  • It is the most accurate Barcode and QR code reader app.
  • It also offers OCR which reads text from any image. The OCR helps us translate such extracted text from English to other languages.
  • Users can easily save, share and rename any files and documents.
  • This app offers many post-scan filters that enhance your scanned results.


Method 2: Use PDF Element

Another fantastic tool to convert PDFs into grayscale is PDFElement Pro. Users can even print black and white with this tool. It is a perfect combination of printer and converter. PDF element is a complete converter that accurately converts all types of files and papers. 

Steps to convert PDFs into Grayscale with PDF Element Pro

  1. Choose the color PDF file and drag-drop it to PDFelement. Click “Open File” to open it.
  2. Now change the filter from “multicolor” to “Grey“. And click the “Print” button to convert pdf color to black and white.
  3. Your black and white PDF file is now available in PDFelement. Click “File“>”Save“.

Method 3: Convert Your PDFs in Black And White With Adobe Acrobat Pro

The way we work should evolve with our work needs. And that’s exactly the reason you should choose Adobe Acrobat. It is a pro PDF converter app that is always evolving with new tools and features.

Steps to convert PDFs into Grayscale (Black & White) with Adobe Acrobat Pro

1.Keep the files or documents handy that you want to convert with Adobe Acrobat.

  1. Now click Advanced‘ > Select ‘Preflight‘ > ‘PDF Fixup‘ .
  2. Now tap on the Convert to Grayscale‘.
  3. To end the process click on the ‘Analyze and Fix‘.

Method 4: Use Sejda

Converting PDFs is easy with the Sejda tool. No fancy steps required for that. Tap on  “upload PDF files”, then click on the  “convert PDF to Grayscale.” 


Converting PDFs into grayscale is very quick with FlashScan-the brilliant PDF scanner app. Also, it generates clear, sharp scans in no time.

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