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How To Fix Game Crashing and Freezing Issue in Windows PC

Playing a game on the computer is a new-age trend. There has been a sea change in the way people play games and it has loomed to a big industry now. Millions of people from all across the globe are passionate about playing online games as this has become the source of entertainment for the millennials.

Playing games reaps a lot of benefits for the users. The biggest advantage is the mental agility that improves considerably when a person plays computer games. As per the research, learning is best acquired when it is imparted in a fun way rather than a boring or monotonous way.

Computers play a pivotal role in learning with fun. By playing games on computer reap the below-mentioned advantages:

  • You can sharpen your problem-solving skills.
  • Your mind becomes more active.  
  • You learn to take quick and right decisions.
  • Your memory becomes sharp.
  • The users also learn to multitask by playing computer games.

Imagine that amidst the playing session, the computer suddenly crashes or stops working. Isn’t it frustrating? The crash can tarnish the entire experience. Do not worry; there is a solution to this menace. You should take immediate action to deal with this issue. 

Easy Solutions to Fix Game Crashing Problems on Windows PC:

1. Do Not Let The Computer to Heat Up

When you play the games on a computer, it eats up a lot of power. If there is a case where the computer heats up to a level when the GPU or the CPU reaches the extreme heating point, the computer shuts down automatically. Let it cool down so that hardware failure can be avoided. 

Also, you should clean up the dust on hardware, fan, etc and it is advised to put thermal paste on the CPU to reduce the effect of overheating.

2. Check the Hard Drive

There may be a case where your computer can crash because of the corrupted hard drive. There is software available to check the bad parts of your hard drive, run a thorough check on your hard drive, and then you can weed out the corrupt parts. At times, there are numerous files saved in the hard drive, you should clean them up regularly. 

The reason is that with regular usage, the computer tends to accumulate a lot of trash resulting in the slow speed of functioning.

3. Remove Virus and Malware

A computer can often crash due to the presence of viruses and malware. The best solution to get rid of them is to scan and clean up your computer on a regular basis. You can use any good Antivirus solution to carry out the process and always keep your laptop/computer free from viruses.

4. Uninstall False Software

Make sure that you visit the trustworthy and the authentic websites only and then download the right software. Most of the games need some additional programs to run properly and hence it is important that you research well before you download the same.

5. Sound Driver

When you play the games on your computer, the sound driver of the Windows 10 gets into a conflict with the other devices numerous times (It is mostly the GPU). This conflict often leads to the computer crash and failure of the GPU. Hence, to enjoy the uninterrupted gameplay on your computer, go ahead and disable the sound driver on your computer. 

6. Update Device Drivers

The latest OS in the new age computers is Windows 10 and it is one of the most appropriate versions to play the games. Having said that, the compatibility of the drivers in Windows 10 is a problem. 

Hence the crux of the problems related to the computer crash while playing the game can be related to the incompatible graphics card driver. To fix this issue, you can use the best driver updater to automatically download and install the correct version of the graphics card driver.

7. Disable Background Programs

Numerous programs running in the background often tend to eat up a considerable amount of system memory. And when you are trying to play the game, the system does not function smoothly or crashes often because of the lack of memory. Hence, it is always advised that you should close down the unwanted background programs. This process can be carried out by using the “Task Manager”.

8. Internet Speed

At times, due to the slow speed of the internet, the quality of playing games may get affected. To fix the problem, check if the router and the computer are properly connected.

9. Update Hardware

One of the most effective methods to improve your gaming experience is to update the hardware. The obsolete hardware is not in the position to handle the updated games with great graphics. If you have been using the hardware for a long time, you should go ahead and replace the same. Before you go ahead with this decision, just go ahead and check your existing hardware.

10. Correct Resolution Setting

It is a well-known fact that the high resolution does not allow the computer to work at a good pace. Reduce the resolution and then restart your computer, it should work fine now.

There it is! Some of the major reasons behind the game crashing on the computer are the slow speed of the internet, obsolete hardware and outdated drivers. 

Following aforementioned simple tips & tricks can help in resolving all these issues. 


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