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Designs for Beautifying the Modern Pooja Mandir For Home

The majority of us Indians have a preference to have a place in our homes for performing prayers. So we prefer to maintain Pooja Mandir or prayer room in our homes itself.

The size of the home temple completely depends on the size of your house. Most of the houses have a separate room for prayers, but the lack of space in modern housing has converted prayers rooms into small home temples like corner Pooja temple, portable temple, Cabinet or Shelf Mandir, etc.

These small home temple options can be ideal for those who live in apartments or small houses where space is a major concern. The home temples come with various design options to make your home nest look elegant and stylish. Here are some simple ideas that you can follow to have a graceful and Modern Pooja Mandir For Home.

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You need to carefully choose the color of your home temple, especially when you have a small house. The color of the home temple should bestow a spiritual kind of feeling, something like that you get when you visit temples. Indeed, you can choose the colors that are particularly used in temples like orange, saffron, green, etc.

Other than this, choose a color that differentiates temples from other items in house and yet goes well with your home’s interior. To get some kind of idea in different color options, you can even find Online Pooja Mandapam USA designs available on eCommerce websites.

For modern home temples, lights and shades also play a significant part in designing. You should include some bright kind of lightings in your home temples that creative divine feelings. The bright lights can give you a real feel of the temple and divine energy while praying or performing Pooja. The bright light also makes the home temple stand out in the house. So, you can think of some colorful lamps or some twinkling light setup for your home temple.


Another best thing that you can do to make your home temple look stunning is to have a flower decoration. As the home temple is considered divine, it is a good idea to have some kind of decoration of flowers. You can put either artificial flowers or make a decoration with real flowers.

However, if you have real flowers, you may need to change it regularly or alternate days. The real flowers can also give some sweet fragrance that we get to feel in temples. Indeed, you can use flower mala every day while performing Pooja or doing prayers.

You can also think of having a Modern Pooja Mandir For Home with beautifully designed doors. The doors will give immense look to your home temple and also hide the pooja accessories. Keeping the Pooja accessories like Pooja plates, Diyas behind the closed door is best to keep your home temple look neat and clean.

Moreover, many designs come with half doors as well and they look amazing, especially for modern homes. You can think of bringing a half door design Pooja mandir for your home.

Other important things that make your home temple look stunning are Pooja accessories such as temple bells, Pooja Plates, Diyas, and other such things. These things add beauty to your home temple. Without them home temple is incomplete.

Moreover, these small yet important temple frills make the prayers more divine and give you the feel of a temple. They create a temple-like atmosphere at home.

For small homes or apartments, another best idea could be to have a small Pooja cabinet. They come with striking design options and can be easily fitted anywhere in the house. You can place them in your bedroom or somewhere in the dining room.

You can find different types of Cabinet home temple designs available on online websites. You can choose the one that fits your needs, space, and design.

If you are looking to buying Online Pooja Mandapam USA, home temples, Pooja accessories for your modern home, have a look at some of the amazing designs available at DivineWoodNCrafts. They are one of the leading interior design companies that offer complete divine furniture solutions.


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