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Online education in Islamic studies for children

Online education in Islamic studies for children

Our children are the most precious blessing from God Almighty. We want them to follow the correct way of Islam in order to prevail from now on. Although you are a Muslim and your children have conceived Muslims in a similar way, you should show them Islamic studies to try to understand their religion by heart and understand the essence of Islam.

The basic, constant question your children will ask is what is Islam?

Nowadays, apart from understanding the topic of Islam, there are 4 basic Islamic studies that your children should learn …

  • Pillars of Islam

The five pillars of Islam are seen as a framework for each of the lessons of Islam. It is the main stage of Islamic studies that all Muslims must learn and see well.

  • Shahada (faith)

Shahada is the main pillar of Islam. It is an offer of faith in the unity of God (monotheism) and recognition of Muhammad, the Prophet of God.

  • Prayer (Muslim prayer)

Prayer or Salah is the second pillar of Islam. It is a physical, mental and profound demonstration of reverence for God, and is required five times each day on specific occasions.

  • Zakat (compulsory charity)

Zakat or Zakat is the third pillar of Islam. It is providing assistance to the poor and missing. It is mandatory for every adult Muslim of sound mind and means. By giving zakat, Muslims realize that all they possess is God and do not claim Him in general, and we must use it to remember God and help individuals who are lucky. It also helps get rid of excessive want, elites and narcissism.

  • Ramadan Fasting (Ramadan Fasting)

Ramadan fasting is the fourth pillar of Islam. Ramadan fasting involves cursing food, drink, smoking and sexual activity every day from dawn to dusk upon hearing the evening call to prayer. Fasting helps Muslims increase poise, superior understanding of God’s endowments, and more prominent sympathy for the dispossessed.

  • Hajj

(Hajj) is the fifth and final pillar of Islam. It is an annual Islamic journey to Mecca, Saudi Arabia, the holiest city for Muslims, and a strict commitment required for Muslims to be made in any case once in their life by every adult Muslim who really fits with the money to make this travel and can boost their families while not attending.

Islamic studies on the Internet

The online course in Islamic Studies revolves around Islam, how Islam came about, what are the groups or commands of God, and what we must achieve because we are superior Muslims, etc. It focuses on people and shows them all the things children should know, and they must learn with love and lessons about lessons. The trainer ready to engage with learners, regardless of whether your child is not eager to learn, can even make him learn because he knows all the great education strategies.

To be the best Muslim, knowing the lessons is important, which is why wonderful departments online for you, no matter which part of the the world you sit in as long as you have a web link that you can communicate with us whenever the best departments. We have adaptive departments even regardless of whether your children have occasions who can pursue their Islamic education and remind us with us via Skype. People from USA, UK, etc will now be able to get the best while sitting indoors; At present, the guardians have no convincing reason to stress over their children because online education is the best for children about Islam to enter into their foundations.

Islamic studies for children As a Muslim, knowledge of Islam is essential. Without thinking properly about Islam, we cannot be true Muslims. Learning is simple when we are in our youth when we contradict our awareness when we become adults, which is why we must have special Islamic studies for children to make them cope without any problem. The goal of studying online is to show children the basics of Islam. We make the knowledge of Islam simple and fun by showing your children the best. Centered on nuts and bolts so that people genuinely care about learning; We make the roots solid so learners discover simple learning. It provides the best inaccessible education on web administrations for children of all age groups and makes remembering about religion through Islamic studies a simple matter.

Conditions or benefits conducive to online Islamic studies for children

They will have a day in and day access to course material and grades for every exercise posted online on the site. Adaptive timelines allow students to focus from a single point, and they are not equally obligated to be truly present in a place to learn about Islamic studies.

Taking lessons from online institutions allows students to learn at any time of the day by getting time from their noisy schedules. With schedules and courses accessible on the Internet, one can learn Islamic studies by being anywhere.

The online course is managed by very ingenious guides and they have practical experience in managing children.

Regardless of whether your children have the capabilities and want to learn different Islamic studies or not, online trainers will influence them through intuitive and delightful learning strategies to make they love this learning project. With the help of studying Islamic studies online, a student or child can get acquainted with the topic as evidenced by its frequency and initiation.

If you do not have the opportunity or information to show your children Islamic studies, the option is to solve this problem. This solution is online education in Islamic studies.


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