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Do you have these must-have jewellery pieces in your jewel box?

Every woman has a fascination for jewellery. Some women prefer loud and over-the-top hoop earrings, gaudy pendants, and huge cocktail rings, while others like to go subtle with a dainty chain and teeny-weeny pendant. Some women even prefer to use jewellery only for special occasions or when they absolutely must dress up.

No matter what their personal choice and sense of style is, almost all women have a decent collection of jewellery in their wardrobes. But, like the quintessential white shirt-blue denim combination or the classic little black dress, there are some jewellery pieces that are must-haves in every woman’s jewel box. Ready to find out what they are?

Check out our list below and tick them off your list – or make a list of what you need to add!

Diamond studs: Diamonds are a girl’s best friend and where best to flaunt them than on your ears? After all, isn’t your face the first thing people see? You can opt for a single diamond ear-stud or one with multiple stones set into lovely shapes like a flower or a star. They are sure to bling-up your everyday looks! And if you’re experimental and have more than one ear piercing, make sure to shift the diamond stud to an upper hole and wear larger, flashy statement earrings when you want to stand out!


Pearls: Nothing says elegance more than a classic set of pearl jewellery. A single string of pearls with or without a small pendant and a matching set of pearl earring studs will take your A-game to a higher level. Perfect for an afternoon meet-up or any formal event, you can pair your pearl jewellery with any outfit. The most sophisticated pearl sets come in light pink or beige, but you can try out black, grey, or silver pearls if you don’t want to stick to the norm. And if you want to stand out in the crowd, try coloured pearls in shades of red, yellow, blue or whatever suits your fancy!-birthstone-gems

Dainty gold chain: This is the LBD of jewellery. An everyday wear item, the dainty gold necklace or chain is something every woman must have because you can wear it all the time. Be it at home, at work, or at the beach the dainty gold chain is just there on your neck, unobtrusive, yet making a statement. What’s more, you can dress it up with a small or big pendant depending on the time of day and/or the occasion.

A set of rings: Why a set and not just one, you ask? Well, you definitely need a dainty one-band ring, which you can wear all day, every day. Then, there’s the big, chunky cocktail ring which you must have for the evening out when you want to make a statement. And don’t forget a perfect stacked set of rings, which you can mix-and-match!

Colourful jewellery: Yes, you probably didn’t expect that, right? But every woman must have a pop of colour in her jewel box – maybe in the form of a ring (a birthstone is a great idea!) or earrings with coloured gems or painted enamel, a colour blocked pendant to go with your dainty gold necklace, or even colourful bracelets to compliment a peppy vibe.

So, which of these do you already have in your jewel box? If you’re missing anything, it’s time to go shopping for some fabulous jewellery!


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