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Top 10 ways to loose belly fat

Belly fat or lower abdominal fat is really a bad thing for everyone. It will make you look overweight & it will also make you look unfit & fatty. Obviously you don’t want to look that bad with an increased abdominal part which makes you look & feel like filthy isn’t it? So how it increases? There are some common causes which will definitely increase your lower abdominal area over time. These include loading to much carbohydrate, sleeping to much, and even not performing any exercise.

Eating unhealthy foods like Junk food daily can also make you look more fatty. But there are some easy & less time consuming practices by performing which you can decrease your lower abdominal fat quickly. So let’s find out all those secret tricks & I hope you will be able to perform those very easily. You will also be able to see some recommended food & supplements which will help you to burn some fat quickly. You can also check our article which is about top 10 Foods which will help you to loose weight & that will also help you in many ways.

Running or Walking- Running or walking has been one of the most favourite, easily performable & most convenient exercise ever discovered. It’s our daily practice to walk, without walking we won’t be able to go anywhere we want, and if we add some running with that so the outcome we will get will be worth full. Seriously speaking the body fat totally depends on your body type or genetics. You actually can’t change your genetics so body type or genetics will decide how much body fat it will retain & where the fat will be stored.

If you stop using vehicle frequently for going somewhere,& if you can start walking or running in the morning or evening also, it will Start to cut your body fat from everywhere.

You will feel your love handles shrinking & you will look more shredded for sure.

Your body resistance & agility will increase. You will feel more strong & fit by time & you will look the same.

You actually don’t need any special equipment to perform this exercise. The only thing you need is a pair of good & comfortable shoes & you are all set to go.

So let’s burn some calories & let’s go for running or walking from today, whenever & wherever you want. You can also use Best summer drinks.

Cycling- Bicycles are one of the most favourite & famous self driven equipment which is available in most of the counties & almost every person can drive a bicycle & it’s really easy, you can learn it within a day. Running a bicycle is one of most coolest & active practices in some countries. It’s also easily affordable & In INDIA it’s used the most.

Daily 30 minutes of cycling can help you to burn some extra calories (250-500) & that will help you to loose some amount of abdominal fat.
The up & down representative motion of bicycle mostly aims the love handles & lower belly fat.

If you continue to do cycling for a month you will feel more strong & mostly your core area will become more strong.

You will feel muscle are developing in your thighs, hips & they will look more defined by time which will eliminate the problem of skinny legs in your body.
Now a days most of the gyms are having in build steady bicycle equipment and it’s really helpful for cardio.

So why are you waiting for? For grab a cycle & burn some calories.

Captain’s Chair Leg Raise- For performing this special exercise you don’t need any fancy gym equipment. You just need a Captain’s Chairs Leg Raise equipment which is available in most of the gyms.

This equipment has to front facing arms Connected with the support structure & a surface padded finely to support your back.

While performing this exercise you need to hold those arms tightly & try to move your legs with the support of your hands.

Keep your both legs together & keep your back on the comfortable back pad of the equipment.

Raise your both legs together & repeat this exercise for 10-12 sets with 10-15 repitations daily & I can make you sure that you will find your results soon.

This exercise is less time consuming but really effective indeed. You can also increase the amount of sets day by day & you will feel visible changes in your body surely.

So why are you waiting for? Go & grab those handles & but some fat from your love handles.

You can also buy this equipment from your own & you can keep it in your home as it requires really less space.

Russian Weighted Twist- It’s one of the simplest & famous exercise for reducing lower belly fat in no time.

It may look hard but it’s really easy if you can understand the method. This exercise mostly targets our side fat that’s love handles. So let’s see how we can do it.

Sit firmly on your body sit bones and try to lift your feet from the floor, and try to keep your keens bent with an angel of approximately 45°.
Try to pull and straighten your spine at the same time at a 45-degree angle with respect to the floor, make sure your posture is creating a V shape with your torso and thighs.
Bring your arms straight out in front of your face, interlock your fingers or clasping your hands together.
After getting into that posture try to twist Your body in right side & left side with the help of your abdominal side.
If 1 repetition isn’t enough try to do 2 to 3 sets of 8 to 16 repetitions. This will surely help you to burn some calories & it will definitely make you feel more active & less filthy.

Bicycle Abdominal Crunches- Bicycle abdominal crunches are quite similar like normal side crunches. But you can say it’s a variation or hybrid version of side crunches. With some variation this exercise becomes more effective & killer for abdominal fat. So let’s find out how to do it.

Take a yoga mat & lie down on that mat & try to raise your leg & upper body in such a manner that a curve is formed in between them.
Then after this try to bend your both legs towards your upper body & keep those hands behind your head to support your head.
While you are staying still on your back, continue to keep your hands behind your head.
Bring your First knee towards your upper body or chest while keeping other knee on it’s position. Just think like that you are riding a bicycle & slowly start paddling.
Alternate as well as single repitations are recommended & if possible try to do 10_15 sets of this exercise with maximum repitations in each set. This will increase the efficiency of exercise & Your Body also.
So why are you waiting? Go and Start doing this exercise.

Plank- Plank is the most basic & easy exercise to do. You can do it many times a day with as many repitations as you want. No need of any special equipment or any special place. Just do it wherever you want to do. Let’s discover some important point about plank.

Lie down facing the surface & get into a push-up position.
After this take the support of your feet to support your body.
Keep your hands on the ground & get up with the help of them & your feet.
Hold your body in this position as much as you can.
Don’t give to much stress. Start with a less time & everyday try to increase the amount of time in performing this exercise.
Do atleast 4-5 set daily & this will give you definite results.
This will increase your core strength & stability.
People are making world records for plank ,I would recommend you to also try to make a record.
So why are you waiting for? Go & start doing this exercise & burn some abdominal fat quickly.

Leg Lifts- Leg lifts are one of the most favourite & most convenient way of loosing lower abdominal fat in no time. It’s extremely beneficial for everyone & shows results within few days. So let’s find out how to do it.

Lie down facing the roof in a Yoga mat.
Keep your palms facing the surface beside your hips just to support your movement.
Cross your feats with each other.
Raise your both legs together & keep doing it for as much reputation as you want.
As this exercise is easy to do ,do it for 10-12 sets a day & it’s sure you will be able to see the results.
So why are you waiting? Go & start doing this exercise.

Burps- Burps are one of the most effective & easy & active exercise to burn some belly fat quickly. It’s really a fun exercise to perform & you will feel good while performing this exercise. So let’s see some key features about this exercise.

Get into a push-up condition like the conventional one.
After doing a push-up rep, stand up & jump.
While jumping try to keep your both hands above your head like as you are ringing temple bells.
Repeat this process for as much as you can according to your strength.
You will feel Good amount of calories burning in your body.
This exercise is more effective & shows more results then any other exercise.

Basic Push-up- It’s discovered that push-up can also help you to burn some belly fat with increasing incredible body strength. A push-up is basic exercise & it’s basically knows to all. Doing push-ups everyday can help you to burn some good calories with a decreasing belly fat. Push-ups are super easy & loaded with awesome benefits, so let’s find out how to do a basic push-up & I hope you guys will be able to perform This exercise very well.

Lie down on a surface with your face facing the surface.
Try to push your body with the help of yours hands & yours palms should be facing the surface.
Take the help of your feats to push Your body up.
Your hands should be placed a bit wide with respect to your shoulder width.
Your Face should be facing the front.
Your abdominal area should be tucked in & it should not go down.
Push your body up & down with as much repitations as you want.
Number of sets should be decided according to your strength. No over training.

Keeping your diet clean- Those hard &, good looking abs are your goal right? So don’t waste your time & energy in useless food & things anymore, follow all the above exercises accordingly & try to keep your diet clean & good because without a good diet, no exercise will show results. Doing cardio is also a good option to reduce lower abdominal fat.


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