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Dust Extraction System -Working Process and Benefits

Long term exposure to fumes and dust not only causes health issues for the employees and operators but also damages machinery, lower the quality of finished products, and also reduces productivity levels significantly. Removal of the dust and airborne contaminants from the manufacturing unit is essential to create a safe and healthy working environment. Regulations and laws like ATEX, HSG258, and COSHH outline the liability of employers in offering a healthy and safe working environment when it comes to explosive and hazardous substances like welding fumes, plastics, wood dust, and other pollutions. All these can be tackled easily in an organized manner with the help of the Dust Extraction System.

How Does Dust Extraction System Works?

The extraction system works to remove waste products and dust from the manufacturing process, which comes with a suitable hood that is fixed as close as possible to the manufacturing unit or machine so that the duct system can be routed via workspace connecting to multiple types of machinery. The other end of the duct system is connected to an air mover, which is a centrifugal fan, and it handles the required performance of the extraction system. Based on the materials extracted by the system, the contaminated air is either filtered before it returns to the workspace or it is exhausted to the outer atmosphere directly.

The extraction system comes with different types of fans and filters, and each has its pros and cons depending upon its applications. You must choose the right filter media, fan sizes, and filtration speed depending upon the industry and materials to be filtered. Media saturation, blockage, and dust collection issues are common with the ill-designed dust extraction system.

Benefits of Installing Dust Extraction System

Apart from the safest and health benefits of the extraction system, many other advantages make it a worthwhile investment for industries today.

  • Productivity – The contaminated air comprises dust and debris that may impact the efficiency of the machines and equipment. The build-up of dust and diet in the machine may also damage the internal parts, increasing the maintenance cost and causing downtime. In some extreme cases, it may also cause explosions and fires. So, installing the dirt extraction system becomes necessary to avoid these dangers.
  • Profitability – In many cases, businesses and industries also benefit from the waste wood materials that are collected by the extraction system. Some manufacturers design material handling system that lets the industries to process the wood waste materials efficiently through which they can earn extra income.
  • Product Quality – When there is contaminated air in the manufacturing unit, it is common to see dust buildup on the finished products, thereby reducing its overall quality. The extraction system ensures to remove all these harmful dust from the work environment and maintains the highest quality of the finished goods.
  • Legality – Apart from the negative health effects posed by the contaminated air in the working environment, there are strict laws and rules to ensure workplace safety for the employees. So, it is necessary to have a well-designed and effective extraction system in your industry to offer the best chance of compliance with your workforce and relative regulations.
Dust Extraction System
Dust Extraction System

Therefore, the industries must focus on installing only quality Dust Extraction System at their working places and manufacturing units. There is also a need to ensure that it comes with all these benefits and has the best working mechanism to remove dust and debris from the air and create a safer working environment. Above all, it must be certified and in compliance with the strict rules and regulations of the government.


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