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Quick Guide To Choosing The Right Split Systems For Your Home Or Office

Although Australian weather is more often pleasant, the short spell of summer it faces is indeed a scorching time. Investing in split system air conditioners is the most logical option for both homeowners as well as people with office spaces. A split system is good for large spaces and homes where you need to cool down a large space within a very short period of time. If you are on the lookout for the perfect split air system for your home,

Here are three key points you need to consider while choosing the device:

Split Systems
Split Systems

1)         Choose the right time to buy your split Air Conditioner – While you might be more prone to buying air conditioners during the summer season, you need to be aware that purchasing an aircon at the peak of the season will prove more expensive than during winter. There will be more models available within your budget during the offseason, giving you a wider range to consider and choose from.

2)         Installation Availability – Ensure that you request for a licensed professional technician to install your aircon. Remember to compare different quotes before agreeing to an installer. While some services may include installation along with packaging, some may not offer the same. So choose your offers wisely. In addition to that, there are ways in which you can maintain the overall temperature of the room in one simple state if you install the machine quite strategically.

3)         Annual Maintenance – Maintaining the aircon from time to time is very important. The specific frames of ductworks keep the entire air flowing in the best possible cycles. It provides the best cycle for a one-room addition. Add in an Annual Maintenance Contract to benefit better from your buyer and to give your aircon a long and hassle-free life.

To identify the best-suited air conditioner for your home, consider these factors that define the best Aircon for you:

split Air Conditioner
split Air Conditioner
  1. Noise Factor – The prime factor which makes or breaks a good aircon is its noiselessness. While most split air systems are generally quiet, select models might prove to be loud enough to disturb your sleep or even enough to trouble your neighbours.
  2. Fan Speed – Having multiple fan speed with a large airflow range helps cool the room quickly. Moreover, this can also solve your split system aircon noise problem.
  3. DRED or Peak Smart Device – Having an Aircon with a peak smart system allows you to switch to economy mode during peak weather and save on power consumption.
  4. Function Modes – Air cons with energy-saver feature and auto mode allow the device to function only upon a rise in temperature. This allows you to control the humidity levels in your home and makes power saving an easy task.
  5. Smart Controls and Wifi Connectivity – With technological development having wifi features will allow you to control the device from a remote distance. Some split system devices have in-built smart features while others require a controller device to be installed. Proper connectivity gives better value to the machine that you install.
  6. Human Presence Detector – Another energy-saving feature is a human presence detector. This system automatically detects a human presence and turns the cooling on and turns the power off in the absence.
  7. Temperature Range – Having a larger temperature range allows users to condition the rooms even in extreme weather conditions. Check the functionality of the temperature ranges before choosing one.
  8. HEPA Cleaning Feature – Some Aircons have add-on filters that help remove dust, allergens, mold, bad odors, smoke, and other germs from the air.
split Air Conditioner
split Air Conditioner

Once you have check-listed all these features and compared their functionalities, you are good to go with your brand new Split System Aircon.

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