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Dynamics NAV Support and SME ERP

This article updates your knowledge about SME ERP. Further, it talks about Dynamics NAV support.

Locating the correct SME ERP for your business

SME ERP is a special category of enterprise resource planning software. It is basically required to have all the functionality of big corporate enterprise resource planning software, nevertheless, it has to have a few clicks & screens as feasible to make certain that the users are not overtaxed with loads of time spent feeding data. The size of the business doesn’t essentially change the functionality needed in the software. Instead, the small firm more often than not has a requirement of greater efficiency because they can’t afford the workforce to keep up the system. A good choice would be Dynamics NAV. It offers premium features and Dynamics NAV support is simply great.

Things to seek for in SME ERP

When assessing SME ERP solutions it’s significant that you rightly screen the prospective software vendors to make sure you obtain software which serves your business. In case don’t you would run into various different problems. Here are a few tips:

  • Ensure that the SME ERP software you are seeking at serves your niche
  • Ensure that the data entry is plain and effective
  • Ensure that the database platform could be handled by you or your employees
  • View at the support offerings of SME ERP provider to make certain that it is modified to your requirements
  • Decide that the SME ERP reseller offers sufficient training to adequately make your employees up & running.

Let’s talk about these points

Foremost you have to make certain that the software you are viewing serves within the business model or market which you work within. A retailing store must not utilize software developed for the distributor. Find out what other clients the software vendor has worked with formerly & ask for particular examples of firms in your industry.

You have to ensure that the users don’t turn out slaves to the system. Ensure that the data feed screens are easy, effective & don’t need loads of jumping around to other screens to enter plain things like invoices or bill orders.

The core of the system is no doubt the database. You have to ensure that the database doesn’t need a round the clock system administrator to maintain it. It must be developed to be self maintaining & user friendly. Learn some tech needs from the SME ERP software provider. You don’t wish to be in the situation where you have to bring in a particular database admin in case later something goes incorrect.

SME ERP must have support developed for small entrepreneurs. You must simply be capable to call in & right away talk with a representative for support. You do not wish to wait for days to get revert. Be cautious of smalls systems with poor support. Specifically, be cautious where the system is designed & maintained by 1 or 2 individuals. Yes, they are moreover a small business, nevertheless, it would be a huge issue when they are not accessible to help you. Dynamics NAV support has pretty much-won hearts. You can go for Dynamics NAV as it is powered by Microsoft and Dynamics NAV support is reliable.

At last, you & your employees are required to have sufficient training to adequately run the application. Do not take this point on a lighter note. You demand more training as compared to you think. As the matter of fact, it will be great to embark on training to go live & to the minimum one other training session a month after going live to solve any issue from a lack of know-how. You will not become specialists one the system in one day, hence think about upcoming training sessions.


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