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How to Become a Successful Accountant or Bookkeeper?

Success does not happen overnight. Whatever career path you have chosen, you need a tremendous amount of determination to attain your goal. Anyone can become a bookkeeper or accountant. But not all can be successful. So, how to have a flourishing career in accounting or bookkeeping?

Before we head toward that topic, let’s discuss a few things about the difference between an accountant and a bookkeeper.

Accountant or Bookkeeper?

A lot of people have been using these terms interchangeably. They may have some similar grounds, but there are still differences between them such as their job roles and tasks.

In a general sense, the bookkeeper’s job is focused on recordkeeping and balancing general ledgers, subsidiaries, and historical accounts. While the accountant is responsible for the financial statements, analysis, and forecasting, as well as the tax strategy and planning.

But aside from it, the accountant and bookkeeper also differ in their credentials. The bookkeeper is not required to have an advanced education but needs to be knowledgeable about accounting and financial topics. On the other hand, the accountant needs to have a bachelor’s degree in accounting. The accountant is also eligible to take a professional certification such as the Certified Public Accountant.

The Pathway to be a Successful Accountant or Bookkeeper

Every successful accountant was once a great bookkeeper. Bookkeeping is one of the crucial parts of accounting study and it serves as its foundation. All financial reports and analysis came from all the records that the bookkeeper maintains. In conclusion, to be a successful accountant, one must possess the ability of an outstanding bookkeeper.

So, how to be a successful bookkeeper? There are things that you need to do before you can consider yourself a successful one. And having a roadmap is the best strategy for it. Here are the three simple, essential steps that you can use to be a successful bookkeeper:

  1. Gain the knowledge, earn work experience, and take professional training

Sufficient knowledge and work experience are a must to become a bookkeeper. Having an associate degree is a good starting point. But here’s the catch: taking professional training is a plus factor. Xero training and getting a certification from it can be handy in time.

  • Learn Accounting and Finance Software

This is the reason why it is important to have professional coaching, such as Xero training. A bookkeeper needs to learn different kinds of accounting and finance software. And knowing how to use Xero or other software is surely beneficial.

  • Offer your expertise, and be your own bookkeeper

A bookkeeper can practice all the knowledge and training and apply them in a work set-up. It’s an advantage if you have various working experiences in different companies and industries. The professional experience you gathered can be used as steppingstones to attain a certain level of expertise.

Exposing yourself to different professional activities can enhance your skills as a bookkeeper. These skills can lead you to a successful journey in your chosen field. And finally, you can offer expertise to various clients, and be your own bookkeeper at the same time.

Having a clear guide to your purpose can help you to open countless opportunities. It is also important to always remember your roadmap, so you won’t lose your direction to your goal. Focus on gaining excellence. Until then, success will surely chase you.


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