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Educational Apps Worth Your Kid’s Attention

The child’s pastime in a smartphone or tablet has become a heated debate among parents. Most people think it’s better to do something useful than sitting at the screen of gadgets.

The truth, as usual, is in the middle – the child can play on the tablet and get benefits through educational and developmental apps in it.

The developers of mobile games and applications have created a lot of high-quality content that helps to raise useful skills such as logic, attention, motor skills, spatial thinking, imagination, as well as introduce letters and numbers, teach counting and combine concepts.

Moreover, games can be classified according to age categories – from the smallest gamers to high school students, and some applications will be interesting even to their parents.

So as you choose the best baby products for your child, consider selecting the best apps also. We present our TOP-9 kids’ applications you will love. Stay tuned to learn more details.

Math Kids by RV AppStudios, 4+

What could be more attractive to a preschooler than playing while studying or studying while playing? The training program includes a simple account, the basics of comparing numbers, puzzles, and quizzes for addition, subtraction, and the selection of missing numbers.

The child will have to consider not boring examples, but bright fruits, funny animals, toys, geometric figures.

Little Panda Travel Safety by BabyBus Kids Games, 6+

This useful mobile app for children 6-8 years old will explain the basics of safe behavior on the road; teach how to act in various situations on the street, playing out possible stories in tasks.

The knowledge invested in the game will become especially relevant during the summer holidays when the kids have more free time.

Cosmic Atlas by Cosmic Atlas LLC, 6+

Give your child a virtual telescope in a smartphone with the Cosmic Atlas game! Using the application, you can watch a star projection on the real sky, see the atmosphere of the past or future with a time machine, use the technology of augmented reality, and get acquainted with planets, stars, satellites, and others space objects.

Animation desk by Kdan Mobile Software LTD, 4+

It is one of the best apps that will be interesting to all children of all ages, as well as their parents. The player can use several graphical tools, adjust the diameter and transparency, change backgrounds, work with frames, animation, as well as several color palettes. A distinctive plus is a convenient, intuitive control interface.

Khan Academy Kids by Khan Academy, 4+

Use five fun characters through games, stories, and videos to teach children of different ages mathematics, language, and literacy. These educational apps have access to the Khan Academy library, in which there are many training books, videos, and coloring books.

An individual package of classes is created for each child, depending on age, and you can also choose a personal learning pace for him.

Having good time

The Human Body by Tinybop, 4+

It is a great application to study the human body. This interactive model allows children to explore the visible and hidden parts of the body and develop fundamental scientific literacy. You can examine each organ in detail.

They are all animated and interactive – the heart beats and the lungs breathe. And also, for parents and children, there is a chat where they can ask each other questions to learn the material better.

YouTube Kids by Google LLC, 4+

We all love YouTube, and children are no exception. In regular YouTube it takes a lot of time and effort to pick up the content by age.

In this application, the material has been collected for you – there are special packages for different ages, and you have to approve them.

Children will be able to watch their favorite videos, listen to music, watch learning apps for kids’ reviews, and explore the world.

ACTIVITY Original by Piatnik, 4+

Crocodile? Christmas tree? Cucumber? Now you have your favorite table game as an application. No matter how compact the travel options are, they cannot be compared with the gadget version.

But the rules are the same – explanation and guessing of concepts.

You can choose the level of complexity and options for description – gestures, words, or using drawings.

Conveniently, you don’t need to note the time and calculate points manually. As it is written in the introduction, the child develops his horizons and vocabulary, and this app teaches him to express his thoughts coherently.

It is also great for the whole family. The loud laughter of the participants is a nice bonus.

Endless Alphabet by Originator Inc, 4+

In this application, everything is honest – if you collect a word from the scattered letters, they will undoubtedly show a cheerful themed cartoon.

Moreover, with the animation of a very high level and hilarious voice acting, this application is compared with Pixar in the world of reading apps for kids.

In addition to reasonably simple words, there are also complex ones – both for writing and understanding.

Girl using tablet


Parents often ask the question: “Is my tablet harmful to my child?” The moderate use of phones and tablets is not dangerous to anyone.

The main thing here, as in any other business, is to know the limits. It’s important to remember that no gadget can replace a child’s live interaction with his parents, other people, and the world around him.

Studies show that 51% of children under 16 are permanently connected to the Internet, and half of them feel addicted to a smartphone. So let’s take advantage of this.

We hope you enjoyed our selection. Share your impressions in the comments below. What is your kid’s favorite app?

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In her articles, she shares her own experience and writes about parenthood, lifestyle, family challenges and how to deal with them without losing a positive attitude.


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