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Everything You Need to Know About Tape-In Extensions

First of all, when you hear about tape-in hair extensions, or clip-in or sew-in for that matter, know that it’s a reference to installation type. Tape-ins can be curly, wavy, straight, short, or long hair extensions, just like clip-ins and sew-ins. Tape-in extensions can also appear in many different shades of colors.

Tape-in hair Extensions
Tape-In Extensions

So what makes tape-in extensions different from other types of hair extensions? Here are the features that make tape-ins unique and trendy.


You need to know what tape-in hair extensions look like so you can say for sure that you are buying the right extension. The tape-in is like other kinds of hair extensions in all ways but one – the end of it is made to hold a two-sided adhesive tape. Original tape-in hair extensions come with the tape already in place. You only need to pull the covering protecting the adhesive. And the wefts are ready for use.


Tape-in hair extensions are lightweight, and can cost as much as $300 and as low as $50 depending on the brand you decide to go for. The huge difference in price is made by the quality of the hair extension. Synthetic hair costs far less but gives little benefits, while the human hair extensions cost far more, especially if they are Remy.


The installation of tape-in hair extensions is very simple and easy. It’s a method you can apply on your own at home. But for best results to achieve a natural look, it’s better to use a professional hair extensions stylist. The process involves the wefts being sandwiched in-between your natural hair.


Tape-in hair extensions are easy to remove. You can do this at home without damaging your own locks. You just need to use your fingers to trace the places where the artificial hair is located in your hair. Clip your own hair to one side to reveal the taped-in extensions. Carefully lift the edges of the wefts slightly and apply oil. Leave for about 30 seconds before slowly peeling them off your hair one by one. 

Maintenance and Durability

The taped-in extension can last for 6 – 8 weeks. They require minimal maintenance and you would wash it like it’s your own hair once in two weeks. Dry thoroughly before styling to avoid fungus infections.

Tape Replacement

The tapes in tape-in hair extensions can be replaced. Once you’ve already removed the hair extensions from your head, lift the edges of the tapes from the wefts and apply oil. Carefully pull off the tapes and reapply new ones. Reinstall the hair extensions or keep them in a safe place for later use.

Tape-in hair extensions are very easy to use and maintain. And they last long provided you buy original human hair. They offer you an easy and cost-effective way to stay glamorous even on a tight budget.


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