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Flavor-Rich Caribbean Cuisine at a restaurant for Tasty Dishes

Think Jamaican and you are sure to get visions of exotic food! Yes, you can pop into one of the restaurants such as Jerk that serves Caribbean cuisine and you will not get disappointed with the food you get. Jerk Salmon, Curry Goat, Oxtail with Butter Beans along with white rice and cabbage is sure to satisfy the hungriest among you.

Mouth-watering preparations for you

Try the signature flavor of Jamaica jerk, the very spicy chicken or meat dish or steak prepared from a large fish the Grouper. Smoked and grilled with lots of original spices, the dish is ready to make your eyeballs pop! It is a taste from beyond the blues, an original preparation made the way “mother makes them.”

Try the signature dish

The dried and salted codfish with the ackee fruit is one dish you must try at the Jerk Jamaican restaurant. It combines well with Jamaican fried dumplings and bread and is the national dish of Jamaica. Try it at any of the “restaurants,” and you are sure to become an ardent follower of Jamaican cuisine. You can also have them delivered!

Single-specialty item

Or, try the rural delicacy made for the adventurer in you, the cow cod soup. This traditional rustic dish otherwise called cow pillow made with a bull penis is an aphrodisiac. You are sure to have an exciting time because you discovered Jamaica and its wonders.

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