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How Much Do You Really Know About Your Teeth? 10 Terms to know

Whenever you go to a Local dentist Gosford to check your teeth, you may hear so many different things regarding your teeth’s health that you don’t know before. So, to know how to keep your teeth healthy and your smile bright, you need to understand these basic 10 terms that can help you to keep your teeth healthy.

below, we have given 10 terms each which have four options and you to select the possible option to that terms. This will help you to know how much you know about your teeth. After attempting all the terms, you can scroll to the end to learn the correct answer.

Parents, can play this quiz with their younger children. This will also help them to increase their knowledge about how to maintain their teeth’s health.

Dental Terms

1. Which of them define Enamel?

  1. The soft inside part of your teeth
  2. Another name of tooth
  3. The hard-outside part of your teeth
  4. The space between two teeth

2. Which one of them defines Gingivitis?

    1. Professional dental floss
    2. The bumps on your tongue
    3. The pink tissue that supports your teeth
    4. A condition that affects the connective tissue in your mouth
  1. Which one of them defines Filling?
    1. A small plug that repairs damage
    2. The mirror your dentist users to look at your brush
    3. A rinse that fills up your mouth
    4. The act of putting toothpaste on your brush
  1. Which one of them defines a Cavity?
    1. The space left by a lost tooth
    2. A hole in a tooth made by decay
    3. A tooth’s top
    4. A crack in a tooth

5. Which one of them defines Plaque?

  1. The coating on your dental floss
  2. The tissue connected on your tongue
  3. Sticky food residue and bacteria that build up on your teeth
  4. The precise tool your dentist uses to clean your teeth

6. Which one of them defines Sealant?

  1. The polishing cream your dentist uses
  2. The tool your dentist uses to collect excess moisture
  3. A thin plastic coating used to prevent tooth damage
  4. Another name for toothpaste

7. Which one of them defines Primary Teeth?

  1. Your upper teeth
  2. Your first teeth
  3. Teeth that look discolored
  4. Your farthest back teeth

8. Which one of them defines Impaction?

  1. A condition where a tooth faces the wrong direction
  2. Removal of a tooth by your dentist
  3. The act of a new tooth emerging
  4. Tooth loss

9. Which one of them defines Tartar?

  1. Any discoloration on a tooth
  2. Hard build-up on your teeth that can cause damage
  3. A name for teeth that haven’t in yet
  4. Food that is bad for your teeth

10. Which one of them defines Secondary Teeth?

  1. Your four front teeth
  2. The teeth that grow in as your mouth
  3. You bottom teeth
  4. The biggest teeth in your mouth

Answer Key

1.C. The part of the teeth that is visible to us is called enamel. This hard-outer layer protects the sensitive tissue inside your teeth.

2.D. Gingivitis is a painful condition in which your gums, or the pink tissue especially around the teeth, become swollen and started bleeding. Gingivitis makes your gum sensitive and weaker than before.

3.B. Filling means to fix a cavity, dentist ‘fills’ the cavity with a small plug made of ceramic or metal.

4.B. When you don’t brush your teeth, the bacteria attack the outside of your teeth. Over time, these bacteria can create a little hole known as cavities.

5.C. When you don’t brush your teeth or clean your mouth clearly after eating food, residue from the food builds up on your teeth. And this residue is known as Plaque.

6.C. Sealant is a material used by the doctor to protect our teeth from the harmful bacteria’s. in this doctor put sealant on the teeth which creates a barrier between your teeth and harmful bacteria.

7.B. Your baby teeth or your primary teeth, come in first.

8.A. Before your teeth grow, they sit under your gums. Sometimes these teeth face the wrong way, which is called impaction.

9.B. If you don’t get rid of plaque, it becomes tartar. These build-up feels hard and can’t be removed through brushing alone.

10.B. when your primary teeth fall out, your secondary teeth replace them.

Your score

Which one is yours?

1 to 5 Correct – Beginner: you have to learn more about your teeth and their health. you can take the help of your dentist or your parents. They can explain to you the points that you don’t understand.

6 to 8 Correct – Intermediate: you have a good knowledge of your teeth. Keep brushing!

9 to 10 Correct – Expert: excellent you know all about your teeth and how to maintain their health. but you also won’t have any problem to communicate with your dentist.

You have so many options available that help you to increase your knowledge or understanding of your oral health. you can start by scheduling your next dentist appointment.

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