How is a 360° Degree Virtual Tour Vital in a Real Estate Business?


The VR Concept– Let us Understand

How about moving about a place and experiencing the surroundings without actually being there? Now, that’s exactly what Virtual Reality does for us! It makes the viewer enter and walk through the virtual world that it has created. Depending on our viewpoint, the virtual world allows us to experience a stereoscopic view from front or side, very much similar to the real world. The prominent feature of VR is that it is interactive; which means, you can enter & walk through the virtual world and handle the virtual objects using hand-gestures.

VR primarily aims at providing the person, a 360° degree virtual tour  environment where he can interact with real people and objects.


A simulated environment created with the use of computer technology is what Virtual Reality all about. We perceive the world around us through our senses and perception systems, like the 5 most obvious senses: taste, touch, smell, sight & hearing; and also other senses like the ‘sense of balance’. For example: Our brain ensures a rich flow of information from the environment to our mind with the help of special processing of sensory information along with other special input. So, we experience the reality when sensory information combines with our brain’s sense-making mechanisms for that information. This means, our perception of reality changes in response to the made-up information that it is presented with. You would perceive something as real, which is not actually there. Now, this is what can be referred to as Virtual Reality Softwares 2020

In technical terms, Virtual Reality can be explained as a 3-Dimensional Computer generated environment, which a person can easily explore and interact with, by being a part of it.

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The effect of Virtual Reality is generally created by a range of systems that are used for this purpose, such as: the VR Headsets, Omni-directional Treadmills, special gloves, etc. These are meant for stimulating our senses together so as to create an illusion of reality. A powerful sense of presence to the virtual world could be achieved only by the additional use of astounding graphics, defined environmental sounds and spatial characteristics, etc. We can say,a proper implementation of Virtual Reality can be managed by the right combination of hardware, software and sensory synchronicity!


There are many uses of Virtual Reality; which range from academic research to design, business, arts, entertainment, sports, gaming, healthcare, fashion, media & telecommunications, films, construction, real estate, military and the list goes on…


3D Virtual walk-through is the new thing is and believe us, it’s gonna stay forever!

It is gaining immense popularity among the business owners & real estate marketing professionals. The fact is that, the implementation of this technology has enhanced visual representation up to such a great extent that the business deals close much faster & conveniently than ever before.

A virtual reality tour in the real estate industry allows prospective buyers to carry out the full property viewing through a digital walk-through& moreover, it is a convenient & economical way for the real estate agents as well, to market the properties with a nominal investment.

Well, how is it done?It needs a proper understanding of the whole concept and technology. Let’s dive into it! **

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Still images and videos are compiled together to create a digital space that provides the buyers, original & amazing visuals of the real property.The VR tours features the floor plan in the 3-D format so as to give the viewer a better understanding of the space. The tour can be viewed from any device: a laptop, a PC, a smart phone, etc.

VR tours can also be created for properties that are still under-construction. Photo-realistic interiors and thorough layout can be created from the plan using the VR Visualization technique.


Basically, a Virtual Tour provides a better view and hence a better understanding of the project / property and so the perspective buyer can easily narrow down the properties the meet his or her criteria in a more efficient manner. This way, time of the real estate agent and the buyer is saved significantly. Moreover, agencies that provide VR tours admit of building a better brand image and reputation, as in this way, agencies project themselves ahead in modern technologies as compared to other traditional agencies.

This also benefits the agents in a way that Virtual tours present the property in exactly the way you want to. This means, that you can present the property in day-light & when the property is spec-clean.

Virtual tour also makes the prospective buyers / viewers visualize the space of the property which otherwise might be difficult to estimate in the images and make selections according to their taste.

With VR tour, buyers can practically take a tour of the property any time that is convenient for them and in fact as many times as they might want to.

Virtual tours are also helpful for people who struggle to move around due to physical reasons. A virtual tour can practically allow them to filter those properties that are suitable for them & this way they can narrow down their pick from the available alternatives.

VR TECHNIQUES USED IN REAL ESTATE: There are basically two types of techniques that are implemented in.

  • 360˚-Photography
  • VR Video

360˚-Photography in Real Estate 360˚- Photography provides an interactive VR tour where-in, the buyer is free to move around and choose any room to enter. This technique gives the viewer an advantage to move around the property and explore the entire space in detail, just as they would have in real life. This way the viewer can fairly estimate the provided space**

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VR Video in Real Estate- In this technique of virtual tour, the estate agent can create a feeling of a guided tour similar to the one they would have conducted in the real life. This is basically done, by providing and audio along the video for the entire tour.

Which type of VR Tour has an edge over the other?

Depending on the personal choice of the Real Estate agency and the budget, one type is considered better over the other. Although both types, have their share of advantages & disadvantages.

360-Photography is mostly preferred owing to the maximum freedom its gives to its viewers to explore. Moreover, the estate agent is not required for the shoot. But, it has a drawback that the estate agent does not have the control over the narration unlike the VR Video.

VR Video, on the other hand, allows the estate agent to focus more on sales by narrating the important features of the property. This way the estate agent is able to explain the whole project conveniently and elaborately, by presenting all the essential aspects of the project; and side-by-side, the prospective buyer would be able to have a better understanding of the project. Having said this, VR Video is more interactive.


Owing to the convenience and advantages that it offers to the buyers as well as to the real estate agencies, the VR Technology is constantly gaining popularity and improving each day. With it providing manifold benefits, Virtual tours are going to the next ‘big thing’ in the real estate industry and would contribute by playing a vital role in its development.


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