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How Much Does Permanent Hair Straightening Cost

Hair relaxing is a form of hair smoothening and the chemical straightening, the hairstylist will reset the curly hair to the permanent straight hair, we have 3 types of permanent hair straightening and the most commonly used is hair rebonding, keratin, and smoothening. Hair rebonding is the best way to straighten the hair is you are looking to smooth your curly hair, the challenge with this technique is that the natural hair bond to break and alter the hair straight form natural curly hair, whereas the keratin treatment is a temporary one and wash out in 3 to 4 months, the chemical treatment is permanent and last till 6 to 8 months until you have new hair growth.

The Chemical treatment for hair straightening is the most reliable one, it works to change the structure of your hair and transforming even the thickest curl into the pin-straight strands and as we said it is permanent until your new hair grows so you must know the process, pros & cons before you opt to go finally with it because it not possible for you to turn hair that has already been straightened back into the natural curly state so it is permanent irreversible change and if you don’t like your new look with the straight hair then there is no other option left and you have to be patient for months to get back the natural look of your hair so you get the decent length enough to chop the straight ends.

The Hair Straightening treatment need to do with a lot of care and if you have decided to get it done, please expand your Google search and go for the professional salon you must check rating and reviews before finalizing the same, hair straightening price in Delhi and other metro cities can range from Rs. 5000 to Rs. 8000 if you are looking the lower to medium range of salon if looking for premium treatment your budget should be around Rs. 8000 to Rs. 10,000, so you must take your time and take multiple bids before you finalize for the hair straightening, so it also depends upon the salon and what deal you will have finally, back in 2014 for permanent hair straightening average cost is rs.10,000. The cost also depends upon the length of the hair, if you have shoulder-length, below the shoulder or waist-length hair than you have to pay accordingly as hair length increases the input cost will go high.

In the year 2016, it was rs.6000 the same hair salon but the price is different due to competition salons have no options left to decrease the price, you should always consider for quality treatment and go for the best salon and expert, so don’t compromise on anything because your hair matters the most because of any cheap deal if you ruined your hair then it will be a drastic situation, In the metro cities like Delhi and Gurgaon you get multiple options to check the salons like Geetanjali, Rebonding Studio are the good one and offer professional treatment, they have a chain of salons spread over in Delhi NCR so you can choose the nearest one from your place and get book your appointment accordingly, some good salons are there offering affordable rates for hair smoothening you can visit their websites and you can get discount up to 50% on hair straightening so you have several ways to check on pricing and quality by going through reviews to get a fair idea.

The best notable advantage for hair straightening is that it is safe for the hair if the treatment is done properly so you won’t have to worry too much the post-treatment effect like dry, damage and breakage, hair fall is quite a case but very few and it is when the treatment is not done as per guidelines, because if you go for temporary solutions and daily use of straightener can damage the hair because the hair if the hair is coarse and dry and the heat dries out the hair making it drier that vulnerable to breakage and split ends, It’s not magic to get healthy, smooth and straight hair and not very tough to get it you just need to invest some time and energy that’s enough no need for the blessing of hair gods.

The keratin treatment also is a good option if you have dry and dull hair, because it is a protein treatment that what hair required the most, it is a hair repair treatment that can be used for any type of hair whether it is thick or thin, it repairs the chemically treated hair (hair straightening) and helps hairs to grow and reduce the hair loss but if you are looking at this treatment as permanent hair straightening this won’t help as a hair straightener and if you have virgin hair there is no need for this treatment you can use keratin shampoo for hair smoothness.

For permanent hair straightening hair X-Tenso from Loreal is best smoothening cream from the product range available in the market, there are others as well that can be used as per your hair texture like, Matrix, Schwarzkopf, Streaks as well, the hairdresser is the best person to decide which will suit best to your hair type

The post-treatment precaution is mandatory after you go with the hair straightening treatment, you are not supposed to wash your hair before 72 hours and you will not wet your hair, try not to put any rubber band to it because it will create a kink and hair will create hair bent in your straighten hair, at sleeping time hair should be straight towards the ground in dangling position and will not mess your hair so just be care full enough, need protection from sunlight, pollution, and dust if roaming out in summer hot days always cover your hair, for washing always use tap water or lukewarm water, you have to use only mild shampoo and conditioner to wash your hair and don’t wash on regularly only twice a week is more than enough.

To give you the best practices for hair straightening the article is written, we have given a fair idea on cost, products, how to begin and plan your search for the best treatment, the post-treatment precautions, what are the pros and cons of the straightening treatment, advised to follow the tips given, pos treatment if you still want to enhance your look you can go for hair color fashion shades, streak or highlighting that will make your hair look more gorgeous and you will leave a style statement for others to follow.


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