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Top Inventions in History That Were Made by Mistake

The process of creating or producing something by using your imaginations is known as the invention. Different inventions have made our lives peaceful. The most famous inventions are electric furnace, steam turbine, the gasoline-powered automobile and wireless telegraphy etc. To invent these things, the inventors have worked day and night. In these inventions, there are also inventions which are made by mistake. After the invention of these things, these things have proved useful for human beings. Here, researchers of a dissertation writing service will discuss top invention in the history that was made by mistake.

  • The Slinky:

Its inventor is Richard Jones. He was a naval engineer. When he invented the slinky, he was working on something else. He was trying to design a monitor power. He wanted to use this monitor power on the naval battleships. For this reason, he was working with the tension springs. One of these springs fell on the ground. After falling on the ground, this tension spring started to bounce on the ground from one place to another place. As a result, slinky was born. Nowadays, it is known as one of the most famous inventions in history.

  • Penicillin:

The inventor of the Penicillin is the most famous scientist, Sir Alexander Fleming. Fleming was trying to create such wonder drug which can cure various diseases. When he was working in the lab, he had mistakenly left the Petri dish open. A blue-green mould from the window of the lab fell on this dish. It started to form visible growth. In this way, Fleming invented Penicillin accidentally.

  • Chocolate-Chip Cookies:

Ruth Wakefield is the inventor of the Chocolate-Chip cookies. She was the owner of Toll House Inn. She had invented Chocolate-Chip Cookies accidentally while preparing the regular cookies. To prepare the regular cookies, she was mixing a batch of cookies. During this process, she felt that she didn’t have baker’s chocolate. She started to think about its substitute. For this reason, she broke it into small pieces and she added them into the cookie dough. She was expecting that chocolate would be melt and she would be able to prepare the chocolate cookies. Little bits stuck and as a result, she invented chocolate-chip cookies accidentally.

  • Potato Chips:

The inventor of potato chips is George Crum. He was working as a chef at the Carey Moon Lake House. He invented potato chips accidentally when he was trying to make a plate of fried potatoes. One day, he had to come across an unusual customer. He ordered him to prepare a plate of fried potatoes. After preparing a plate of the fried potatoes, when he presented to the customer, he returned this plate and asked him to cut these potatoes thin and fry more. The customer returned this plate for various times. At last, George Crum lost his temper and he created thin slices of the potatoes. After creating thin slices of the potatoes, the fried them hard and made them just like a rock. When he presented this plate to the customer, he loved them. As a result, he invented potato chips.

  • Microwave Oven:

The microwave oven is the most commonly used product in our houses. You will be amazed to know that this was also invented accidentally. The inventor of this essential product was Percy Spencer. He was working as an engineer with the Raytheon Corporation. He created this product when he was trying to create a radar-related research project. He was trying to create this project with a new vacuum tube. While performing this experiment, he realized that the candy bar in his pocket was melting. After that, he put popcorns into this device. When these popcorns started to pop, he realized that he had invented something new.

  • Fireworks:

It was invented by an unknown cook in China. He had also made it accidentally when he was simply experimenting in the kitchen. He had invented it more than 2000 years ago. As we know that charcoal, Sulphur and saltpetre are the most common kitchen items. The cook mixed all of these things accidentally. After mixing these things accidentally, when he compressed these things in a bamboo tube, these things were exploded. As a result, the idea of fireworks was originated.

  • Ink-Jet Printer:

The inventor of Ink-Jet Printer is a canon engineer. When canon engineer rested the hot iron on his pen accidentally, he observed that ink was ejected from the pen. This ink was ejected a few moments later. By using this idea, he invented the Ink-Jet Printer. Nowadays, Ink-Jet Printer has also become very popular in our lives.


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