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How to choose the perfect plotter

If you have stumbled upon this article, you are wondering how to choose the best plotter for your business.

By doing a google search, you might have realized that in contrast to other topics, there is not a lot that you can find about plotters. You can neither find a lot of customer reviews nor opinions from experts on how to pick a plotter that does the job for you perfectly. In this article, we will help understanding how plotters work.

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A plotter is a printing device, which is connected to a computer to print on a much larger scale. It is typically used for printing architecture plans, high-resolution images, and print canvas that are used for advertising. It should also be mentioned here that the earlier technology, which was used by plotter is extinct now and they are much more sophisticated and efficient than earlier times.

In today’s world, the term wide-scale printers and plotters are used interchangeably.

How many prints do you need? 

The first question that you should ask yourself before making a plotter purchase is, ‘How much prints would I be needing?’. Every line of work has different requirements, some might need only a handful of drawing to be printed in a month while others might need to print hundreds of drawing every day. You should be certain about what your average printing needs are on a daily and monthly basis before making the final decision.

Cost of plotter

The second factor to consider is cost. How much are you willing to invest in buying a plotter that is apt for your business requirements? You can find several options in the market, from HP to Cisco – well-established corporations are in the business of manufacturing plotters.

It all boils down to your budget. by doing a quick survey on some of the most popular plotters online, you can get a good idea about whether your assigned budget is enough or not. A 36 inches printer (wide-scale) is available in the market for 2000 dollars. Depending on your line of work, you’d have to identify the plotter that is perfect for you.

Performance of plotter 

What makes a plotter good or bad is the quality of its performance. This is one of the most crucial factors of a plotter. A plotter is equipped with the ability to print several square meters of paper in a matter of minutes.

The best kind of plotters can keep up both the quality and speed of printing. Before settling on a plotter, ask the salesperson if the plotter is compatible with a wide range of materials or not, can it accept varying lengths or only a fixed length? These questions will let you know if the plotter will be able to fulfill your needs or not.

Versatility of materials

A plotter is not a piece of equipment that you go shopping for every three months. Rather they are usually a one-time purchase, expected to last years on end. Therefore, it becomes important to look at all the angles before deciding. The versatility of materials is a factor that a lot of people tend to ignore. It is also co-dependent on your budget. 

If you want to get prints on a wide range of materials, your chosen plotter must have the ability to do so. If you go for much cheaper plotters, there is a high chance that they can only work with a limited number of material types.

Keeping these factors in mind and talking with salespersons will help you in finding just the right fit for your business.

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