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Social Media Marketing Free Online Course with certification

Introduction to social media marketing:

Social media marketing is the most reliable, powerful and authentic source for any individual to promotes their business, brand, products or services. With the help of online social channels, what individuals receive is a huge community of people which otherwise wouldn’t be possible through traditional advertising channels. Precisely, social media can be considered as the best and only result-oriented platform that can advertise any individuals brand or products, etc.

So keeping in view the wonders that social media can do in advertising your products or services, we at takethiscourse.net are going to mention a social media marketing specialization that offers some free online courses with certification that can help you understand what social media marketing is and how to expand your audience through it.

 The following are the names of the 6 courses available in this specialization are as follows.

  • What is social? 
  • The importance of listening.
  • Engagement and nurture marketing strategies.
  • Content, advertising, and social IMC.
  • The business of social.
  • Social marketing capstone project.

Which institute is offering this specialization?

Northwestern University is offering this specialization from anyone anywhere around the world for free.

What can you gain from these online free courses with a certificate?

The specialization has 6 courses to offer and when you enroll yourself in this specialization, it is not mandatory to complete each of these 6 courses. Instead, you can learn from any course you want.

With these courses, you can learn the following.

  • Effective proven methodologies that can help to improve the abilities to grow an even bigger social network.
  • What is big data of social and how to interact effectively on different social sites?
  • The two most effective social strategies and their part in social media marketing.
  • Different strategies that can help you grow your business through improved sales and marketing.
  • All the social analytics tools and training material that will help you become a great influencer on all social media platforms.
  • All the knowledge and resources that are required to build a social media marketing strategy.

What skills will be gained from the free online courses?

The following skills can be gained from these free online courses.

  • Business planning.
  • Social media marketing.
  • Digital marketing.
  • Influencer marketing.
  • Social marketing.
  • Social network.
  • Social media.
  • A/B testing.
  • Writing and budget.

And many more.


If a learner is interested in other specialization then the following can also be kept in mind.

Digital Advertising strategy specialization:

With this digital advertising strategy specialization, learners are going to understand the digital advertising tactics that will help them grow their small-level business to a bigger level. The specialization contains 4 courses in it and whoever enrolls in this specialization is free to learn from any course. The rating of this specialization is 4.5 and all those who took this specialization have given satisfactory remarks about it.

Thus we can say that the free online courses with certificates available in this specialization are the best way for different learners to understand what social media marketing is and how to advertise your brand, products or services to the audience more effectively. So decide now and never stop learning.



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