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How to help people find a new job remotely during COVID-19

Unfortunately, the work market is looking bleak in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic. Although some states are re-opening, and people are returning to work, over 2.6 million Americans are reported to have lost their jobs since March 2020.

Luckily, nearly 78 percent of the people who have been laid off will be able to return to their employment upon reopening. But there will still be a great number of people looking for work during this difficult time.

After the pandemic, the interest in remote job opportunities has grown-because this is obviously the best choice for many people. Remote work allows people to maintain healthy social distance safeguards and provides many other advantages such as flexibility and the avoidance of traffic. 

The good news is that companies respond to this demand, and encourage workers to make a permanent shift from home to work. Yes, three out of four CFOs plan to give current and potential workers further flexible work opportunities. 

This opens a whole new field of possibilities for candidates who are involved in new careers working from home. Here’s how recruiters can help people find a remote job amid a global pandemic. 

Market Their Skills for Individual Projects

If the individual has never previously operated remotely, it might be better for them to dip their toes into the market instead of jumping head-first into a full-time position. Although working remotely can be a perfect match for some people, there are others who struggle to stay motivated and even cope with depression and isolation. 

Therefore, consider first asking job applicants if they would be interested in pursuing remote work on an individual project basis-rather than taking a full-time role. This is particularly useful for work seekers who do not have much experience in specific positions but need to build some to be more competitive in the job market. 

Whether you’re trying to recruit remote helpers for unique tasks or helping candidates find jobs, consider encouraging them to start with gig economy-oriented websites. Sites such as Upwork, Flex Jobs, and Remotive are designed to connect remote workers to projects in (but not limited to) areas like: 

  • Graphic design
  • Content writing
  • Social media management
  • Web design
  • Customer service
  • Executive assistance
  • SEO writing and research

Some projects are paid hourly while others have a set rate upon completion. 

Candidates will face a lot of competition, particularly with remote workers abroad who are willing to take on low hourly projects. So, it’s important to narrow down new remote workers on their greatest strengths and develop some good experience. 

Hire People As Contact Tracers
While many people have lost their jobs because of COVID-19, the pandemic has generated some new, very innovative career opportunities as well. Communication tracers are among the new openings that businesses are recruiting. 

According to the CDC, the “core principles of case investigation and contact tracing” are: 

  • Examining cases of reported or confirmed infection
  • Working with patients to determine the people with whom they were in close contact during the most likely infectious period
  • Tracking all possible contacts and gathering information about any symptoms they have 
  • Provide contacts with information, education, and support
  • Protect each patient’s privacy while collecting important information that can be used for research purposes

The great news about hiring contact tracers is that it doesn’t require any experience (because it’s essentially a brand new position), and it can be done remotely. Data tracers clearly need internet access and a telephone line as possible contacts are reached via telephone or email through specialist software programs. 

Contact tracers can help researchers know more about how COVID-19 spreads, what are the most common symptoms, and can also play a role in seeking a virus cure. Helping contact tracing companies to find eligible applicants is extremely valuable and can help people get back to work while keeping their own homes secure. 

Offer Virtual Assistance
Because several businesses had to send workers home for the near future, leaders needed to quickly turn to remote team management. The demand for remote executive assistants has grown to accommodate those who, due to the pandemic, either have even more on their plates or are struggling to keep up with the changes. 

In addition, people are finding virtual suppor t in other ways because they spend far more time at home and are unable to engage in their regular, everyday activities. Companies employ skilled applicants to help teach or execute complex tasks remotely, such as: 

  • Online tutoring for elementary through college, as well as for specialized courses.
  • Online coaching for physical fitness or sports.
  • Office assistance.
  • Marketing roles.
  • Customer service.

Recruiters may help candidates communicate with organizations providing these types of virtual services, making it much easier for individuals to use their marketable skills. 

Start with No Experience Online Work
During this time, even candidates with little to no experience working from home can find new positions, particularly because some businesses are forced to employ remote workers only. Entry-level positions are opening up across the board, especially for enterprises that actually grow during the pandemic. 

For example, the need for medical billing and admin specialists is that, and this role needs little or no experience because much of the training is given once the individual is employed. 

Many rising businesses such as e-commerce companies are looking to recruit members of the customer service as well as sales and marketing reps to keep up with raising demand and order volume. Various roles are also readily available for tasks such as data entry, bookkeeping, and telemarketing as in most cases they need very little training or experience. 

Recruiters are more important than ever in the modern economy and even in the midst of a global pandemic, they will help bring people back into work. We are lucky enough to live in a time when remote work is possible and companies are seeking new ways to keep their workers safe.

When you meet with people applying for remote positions, ask them to take any of these possibilities into consideration because they can be a perfect stepping stone to get them started.

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