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Importance of Media in a Democratic Nation

Democracy comprises of four main pillars viz. Legislature, Executive, Judiciary and the Media. For the smooth functioning of the democracy depends upon the strength of each pillar and how these pillars complement each other. In today’s time where everyone is connected with each other via one medium or other the responsibility and importance of media houses specially news channel becomes paramount.

Increased Media Penetration: –

Despite of so many numbers of news channels in India there are so many in pipeline waiting their licenses to operate in this competitive industry.

According to Indian television.com 403+ news channels in Hindi, English and regional languages are operating in Indian televisions space.

Role of Free Media in Democracy: –

It is extremely important that news channels in a responsible democracy should be fair, objective, transparent, unbiased for the betterment of the democracy. As it is mentioned earlier that media is the fourth pillar of the democracy plays a dominant role. Free media gives voice to the voiceless; makes invisible. Media raises a social issue that needs attention. Media is also responsible for the shaping opinions which shows that free media is an influential changing agent which give rises to a new better society. Media also uncovers the wrong doings in society be it a social issue, political scandal or any area of the nation which requires special attention.

So, after seeing this we can say that media is a chief force which shapes the society in a larger extent as comparison to the previous times. Having said that media can only be of welfare of the society if it is just and free.

Because if media is biased in any way it will only propagate the one ideology which simply face the foundation of principles of the media.

Current Issues in Today’s Media:-

It has been felt that media houses now a days are failing its duties when it comes true reporting, presenting the facts and scrutiny of the happenings around us. Panel discussions sound like a fish market scene which results into no conclusion at all. Factual reporting has been replaced by sensationalism to woo the masses and sometimes it leads to disturbing the harmony of the nation which is completely irresponsible for media houses, reason being their more coverage and power of shaping the opinions of the society at large. The war of TRP (Television Rating Point) has made various channels of literally no use in today’s time. There is no doubt that media should entertain the people but in the name of entertainment vulgarity, irrationality and unrealistic content is served which in the long run harms in the society. Regulates should take this thing into account and should allow in the name of free expression media cannot take free pass to serve anything they please.

The political alliance of media is also hampering and now the opinions are not only shared but made. News channels especially are the major culprits for the same. Whenever elections come these media houses earn huge amount of money for their political masters, and also reports in a biased way to either make a favorable image of their beneficiary or to malign the image of opposing leader. Such kind of practices is nothing but against the unspoken oath and code of conduct of unfair practices in reporting the matter.

Conclusion: –

There is no denying that media is an important ingredient in a responsible society but it has been observed that media is failing in performing its duties in the matter they expected to do. To ensure the smooth working of the democracy it is paramount that all principal pillars of the democracy stands firmly. Intermingling of media houses with any political or financial motive is hazardous to the society as a whole.
In conclusion media houses should refrain themselves from any practices which prevents them in their duties in an unfair way. We should not forget that media is the most powerful entity on earth. They have the power to make the innocent guilty and to make the guilty innocent and that’s power. Because they control the mind of the all.


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