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Infant Crib Explained

When it comes to baby proofing your home, there is a lot of work involved and steps you can’t afford to forget. Your entire home needs to be a safe environment for your little one.

Start first with your crib. It’s best to buy a new crib rather than use a very old one which could break or have dangerous openings. Never hang any pictures or any type of wall art above the crib or the changing table.

The only acceptable item is a mobile, but make sure it’s high enough that the baby cannot reach it. As your baby gets older and begins to stand, move the mobile even higher.

The crib mattress should be the right height to make it comfortable for you to lift the baby out of the crib. As your baby reaches the 6 month mark, move it to a lower setting so the baby cannot pull himself up on the crib.

Do not wrap the baby in blankets in the crib. He could become entangled in them. Also use the correct size infant crib bedding. You want a snug fit and putting twin size sheets make it easier for the baby to become tangled in them.

Infant Crib Bedding: Staying Gender Neutral

Whether you’ve decided not to know the sex of your child or you just don’t want your nursery all blue or pink, we can give you some ideas for gender neutral infant crib bedding and nursery themes.

When deciding on color, you obviously want to stay away from blues and pinks but that doesn’t mean those colors can’t be in combination with other colors in the room. Chocolate brown and turquoise are neutral territory.

Other gender neutral colors include yellow, green, red, and brown. Pastels will look the nicest but you can accent with darker shades as well. No baby should be in an all crimson room.

There are plenty of themes for infant crib bedding that can work for either boys or girls. You can opt for geometric patterns and designs, animal prints, teddy bears, under water designs, the circus, cartoon or movie characters, insects, Noah’s Ark, and Precious Moments bedding.

These are just a few of the hundreds of different options parents have.  The nursery should also match your own personal style. If your entire house is ultra modern, the idea of having Winnie the Pooh everywhere might be off putting to you. Instead, stick with solid colors or patterns for your infant crib bedding.

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Infant Crib Bedding vs. Bassinets

Before you welcome your little bundle of joy into the world, you have a lot of important decisions to make –including what type of infant crib bedding to choose. Do you want your baby in a crib or a bassinet? Lets weight some of the pros and cons.

Cribs tend to be much more expensive than bassinets, however, they will last much longer. Cribs can last for years because many will convert into a toddler bed. Bassinets are not a long term investment and your baby will quickly outgrow it.

One main advantage of bassinets is that they are smaller and easy to transport. If you’re tight on space, this can be the key selling point. Cribs do come in a variety of sizes and portable options are available if you need one.

Both options are perfectly safe if used properly. Don’t forget to check weight limits and purchase the correct size mattress for cribs. Ultimately, your choice for infant bedding or a bassinet comes to personal preference and parenting style.

If you believe your baby should be in a separate nursery, a crib is preferred. If you want your child to sleep near you in your room, a bassinet is the most convenient. Always make sure your infant and toddler furniture is safe and choose comfortable infant crib bedding.


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