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Learn About The Incredible & Fascinating Facts About The Majestic And Elegant Lilies

Lily is amongst the most cherished and treasured blooms across the world. The striking appearance, big petals, and an engaging redolence surmount many people’s hearts worldwide. It holds a discrete purpose in various cultural preparations all across the globe. In China, this perennial is the most famous and prevalent wedding bloom as it is associated with eternal love. These magnificent and remarkable blooms belong to the Liliaceae family.

There are perhaps hundreds of varieties of these beautiful and elegant perennials. A considerable amount of these blooms rest in the Northern Hemisphere of Asia, North America, and Europe. That is because of sultry atmospheres or climates that are desirable for its growth.

Lilies imply beauty, royalty, elegance, renewal, rebirth, good luck, youthful energy, purity of the soul, and fertility. Were you aware that these attractive and beguiling blossoms are among the top ten blooms in the world? Admittedly, these beautiful perennials are an excellent choice if you want to send flowers online to your cherished ones. 

Nevertheless, there are various captivating facts to know regarding these beautiful and elegant offerings of mother nature.

  1. These beautiful blooms are quite pleasant and social. Still, they fail to thrive well all by themselves. Please put them in a group of 4 or 5 and behold how quickly and remarkably they thrive.
  2. Apart from pink, red, yellow, and white lilies, there also exists another variety called Tiger Lily that holds an orange shade and carries brown spots or patches.
  3. There does not exist any “off-season” for these blossoms as they seldom diminish. Lilies are perpetual perennials and can propagate considerably well without requiring any help from humans. These perennials are intelligent and can develop from both bulbs or seeds. Lilies thrive between the height of approximately two to six feet.
  4. These elegant and pleasing blossoms possess a captivating redolence that produces a positive impression on our minds. However, the white lilies and tiger lilies are solely the ones that contain that attractive and enchanting redolence. Whether it is for your garden or a bundle of these blooms for your home, keep this in mind when purchasing a lily plant with online flower delivery in Chandigarh.
  5. These blossoms are tender to humans but deadly for cats. So, please ensure that your precious cat stays away from these attractive perennials.
  6. The flower traders are continually making the precise amount of earnings with these perennials. This is due to people who prefer lilies for their durability as a cut perennial. Those boutonniere or jar compositions of these blooms arrive with a considerable lifespan to astonish your home or workplace or in whichever area you keep them in! To achieve that, you need to remove the pollen from the bloom’s core to make them last longer.
  7. Humans can also consume these perennials! In China, people love to feed on parched lily blooms. The perennials are employed to either embellish food or prepare a conventional vegetable. One such traditional and famous dish is called “Jai” or “Buddha’s Delight.” People prepare this meal on New Year’s day since it is assumed to bring good fortune!
  8. In Chinese society, this perennial is also a symbol of rejuvenation. Chinese people give these perennials to those friends or relatives who are enduring grief or recovering from a loved one’s death. There is a strong belief that this blossom assists in overcoming depression or anxiety.
  9. As per Greek legends, Apollo – the God of Healing, acquainted his son Aesculapius with Lily of Valley while teaching him the science of healing.
  10. Pink or Stargazer lilies imply ambition and encouragement, while white blooms symbolize innocence and purity. Red lilies signify passion and can be presented while proposing to someone or as a nuptial day present. Yellow or golden lilies imply sound health and healing.

To adorn your house before a notable festival or event, picking these gorgeous and elegant blossoms would be an exemplary decision. The flower arrangement of lilies is delightful as a center table, side table, office reception, or conference hall decoration.

Another fantastic year with various occasions has arrived, so go ahead and order blossoms online with free flower delivery in Chandigarh and make your special moments aromatically unforgettable.


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