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Upgradation of Routine Life with the Help of AI:-

Settled sensibly, artificial intelligence “possibly the greatest thing happened for humanity,” says Max Tegmark in our interview this week, “If we do it sensibly, AI possibly the greatest invention for humanity.” They were the first fundamental physicist and now turned into AI researcher. We took his judgement sincerely. Maybe there is a kind of technology that has ever existed which can provide us benefits as well as damages.


The potential threats of this technology exist as Alon Musk gives warning to the United Nations that automatic war machines can be used with AI technology. This is possible, and with this technology, a hazardous kind of weapons can be operated and can cause very much significant damage to people of the world. It is not just about the military’s weapons, as this technology is becoming more inexpensive and easy to use, so it can be used by everyone, including those terrorist organizations that have no moral values and are a significant threat to humanity. A drone with a good quality camera can be bought of just one billion dollars. And a kid can install the software in it so that it can operate automatically. And that drone can use the facial recognition technology of AI, and it is a big point of concern. And if this technology starts making decisions that who should be dead or alive as it decides in warzones? And who knows that a drone with an automatic facial recognition system and with a gun becomes available soon? Then what will happen is a big question.

Fake contents

Some systems have been developed by using this technology to create fake news by creating false content, counterfeit faces, clone voices and artificial social media activities like bogus tweets. AI has the ability to change night into day and vice versa. It can create people who have never born. Some software can change the face of anyone in a video. And it feels like that video is real, but in reality, that thing never happened.


Artificial Intelligence is becoming so more reliable that it can put malware or ransomware at high speed and bulk quantities. And despite this technology facilitating hackers to break any encryption or security passwords within seconds without leaving any kind of footprints. 

Privacy concerns

We create so much data every day, and about 90 per cent of digital is created in the last two years. Due to this, our privacy is no longer exist. The lubricating oil to artificial intelligence is data, and our privacy can be gone within seconds if anything terrible happens. Now technology has eyes to see as facial recognition system installed in cameras so no one can hide. Some software can determine our age, gender and even religion. Some systems know us more than our families, our partners and our friends. But who cares, the government is happy, and businesses are flourishing, so say bye to privacy. Cheap Assignment Writing Service an academic writing firm and prefer the privacy factor always.


There are not only risks of AI, but there are many benefits which this technology provide us to improve our daily life. By using artificial intelligence and evolution can occur in the economy. Without taking jobs, artificial intelligence and Robots together can make human life better than ever. It can help to increase the working efficiency and quality. It is unstoppable when the combination of man and machine occurs. AI can also help to reduce human error, and the losses due to mistakes also reduce.

With the help of artificial intelligence, people are now enabled to produce their revenues uniquely by making videos for YouTube or by blogging as a blogger or by advertising different products on social media. If you need any kind of information, this system provides you with that particular information quickly and efficiently. Artificial intelligence can also manage the entry of any data or answering the emails. The houses where AI systems are Installed have very much better security than other homes. Artificial intelligence can manage minor tasks so that a man can do whatever he wants without any worry. When it comes to health care, artificial intelligence has developed a system that can observe patients 24/7.

If we talk about the criminal justice system, AI has also proved itself there. To minimizer, the bias many courts and police departments are now using artificial intelligence. Profiling and assessment of risk are done with the help of a machine. AI study’s the pattern of crime and the previous data to give any judgement. If the justice system is using AI, then it should be 100% accurate because lives are at stake. One of the great benefits of AI in the justice system that data can be studied more quickly. AI can help to check any criminal background by studying different documents online. 


So, in the end, we come to this point that there are different school thoughts. Some people think that the way artificial intelligence is getting smarter can be too risky for humanity or may become a threat to our existence. But some other people believe that artificial intelligence is helping us to improve our lifestyle. As it assists us in industries, home or operating our personal systems like answering emails etcetera, it is better to live with it because this technology makes our lives so easy than ever. Technology is that kind of thing which can surprise us by giving us new products, innovations and new ideas and the artificial intelligence is doing the same. But artificial intelligence is still not acting as people predict like the development of intelligent robots. However, many scientists are trying to develop that kind of technology and giving their best to do so but not succeeding until now. Whatever the case is, artificial intelligence is doing its job in our daily life by developing different kinds of systems for the military, public, and much more. Who knows what happens in the future, but keep it in mind that it is not the end of AI.


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