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Pick out the Right Material for Your Paving

Paving is an investment in the landscaping, and costs vary widely depending on the type and purpose of use.

Pouring concrete

It can be used for sidewalks, driveways and patios in different climates and different types of projects. It is a reliable and easy to install pavement site. This is a budget-friendly choice, and the surface can be easily changed depending on the pattern, color, and texture.

Landscaping offers amazing concrete material. Concrete is a self-hardening filler for sand or gravel and water, in which cement (powder made of lime and clay) is used as a binder. The alternative composition of the concrete varies depending on the location and use. For on-site poured concrete (also known as CIP, or poured concrete), add water to the dry component at the construction site, then pour it along with the formwork into the appropriate location to take it in, and harden or solidify it until it’s hard.

Precast concrete parts

Precast concrete parts are modular pavers with different sizes, shapes, colors, textures and patterns. Molded concrete is perfect for those who want a changed look but don’t want to use normal stone. The modular infiltration system can absorb water without creating runoff and can be used in driveways, sidewalks and patios.


Normal inch stones from landscaping can be used to generate many fascinating designs, counting herringbone deprived of being too busy, and its light red hue brings warmth to the garden.

Brick is considered a natural building material because it consists of clay and slate. Its durability and strength result from the firing process, in which the clay is heated in the oven and the materials stick together. Landscape supply company, the bricks are extremely durable and do not require any sealing compounds. They can be used as paving material for decades with little maintenance.


Limestone is usually white to off-white, sometimes off-white. Its bright color makes it ideal for reflecting heat in warm climates.

Limestone is a sedimentary rock with a typical granular appearance. It is found all over the world and is available in different colors, including blue, gray, brown and pink and white. Limestone is a durable old stone that is used in contemporary garden projects.


Travertine was once measured a comfortable covering material. Though, recently the price of travertine has fallen abruptly and has developed one of the most common types of paving in swimming pool decks and in warm climates. Even in hot weather, travertine can keep a cool feeling so it feels good to have bare feet.

Travertine is a naturally occurring stone between limestones and marble that occurs in hot springs and caves. It has variable pores throughout the process, which gives it a unique texture and non-slip properties.


Tiles are a traditional paving material that is usually associated with a warm climate and a Mediterranean-style garden. Although traditionally handmade by artisans, new types of ceramic tiles with classic and modern design features have appeared on the market. With their eye-catching pallets and fresh patterns, the tiles are processed into beautiful special plasters.

Paving stones are made from clay or porcelain-ceramic mixtures, then painted and glazed with rich colors to seal these colors, and then placed in the oven for firing. Tiles are made with molds, and traditional handmade tiles have flaws and color variations.


Granite is a tough, elastic paving material. It has the function of cutting stones and irregular shapes. Due to its high strength, it is a common paving material for lanes and sidewalks. It has low maintenance costs and can represent permanent walkways, patios or patios in the family landscape.

Granite is an igneous rock with a recognizable grain pattern. It has been mined worldwide and is ready for landscape and architectural applications. Granite is an old stone like limestone that was used in early construction applications.


Slate is a common external paving material in areas with slate quarries nearby. From the deepest charcoal to the jade green, the rich colors that cannot be found in other stones contribute to its uniqueness. Slate is a natural quarry that was originally used as a roof tile. Because of its beautiful appearance and long lifespan, it has been widely used as paving material in areas near slate quarries.


Sapphire has beautiful colors and is very suitable for many different types of gardens. Rectangular blue stones provide clear lines and delicate edges, while the slate shape gives color to forest paths or more naturalistic gardens.


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