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Top 5 Things to remember when applying for loan – Financial Planning

EMI calculator and loan calculators, tips while applying for loan

Be it studying higher education abroad, buying a dream house, a car any other dream associated with the loan , A loan is a financial resource and with an EMI facility and repayment flexibility after calculating the interest with interest calculator with a proper financial plan we can achieve our goals.

Things to remember before having EMI in your financial plan:

  1. Check the loan amount required and calculate the EMI using EMI calculator
  2. Check calculated EMI and the loan repayment capacity and do a financial plan for your loan
  3. Compare the EMI after calculation and shortlist banks or NBFC that are giving loans
  4. It is also important to check processing fee, foreclosure and pre-closure terms from the bank or NBFC, that impacts the EMI amount.
  5. Check various schemes available on your loan EMI.
  6. Prepare documents required and apply!

There various types of loans we need in our day to day life and there are different types of EMI calculators that give accurate loan EMI amount to compare against to various banks and NBFC.

Calculate your EMI using EMI calculator online

Types of EMI Calculator for various loans:

EMI calculator for a home loan

When you are buying a house, it is very important to use a Home loan EMI Calculator and calculate home loan EMI, It helps you to calculate EMI for home loan, check eligibility criteria and documents required, and also it give you information about the application process to apply for a home loan.

EMI calculator for a personal loan

A personal loan EMI calculator helps you to calculate the EMI when taking a personal loan. It helps in financial planning, to check eligibility criteria and also documents required. Using this calculator you can check EMI and plan the loan accordingly according to the schedule.

EMI calculator for car loan

The car loan EMI Calculator- Nowadays all car loan interest rates have become low and access to buy a four-wheeler using a car loan. With this calculator, you check your EMI and EMI schedule and compare it with various banks available on the website. This helps you check processing fees, eligibility calculations, and documents.

EMI calculator for Student loan

Pursuing higher studies in a dream university is anyone’s a dream being student. Most of the student look for a student loan and here our student loan calculator helps you to check the EMI, that helps you to find the repayment capacity, interest rates. This calculator helps you to compare interest against each bank and lender and plan for higher education.

EMI calculator for Business loan

Scaling up a business is very crucial when you set up a business, there is no point in setting up a company without expansion. Business loans help you to expand your business. Business loan EMI Calculator lets you calculate EMI and analyze revenue and repayment schedule. It also helps in comparing the interest rates against each lender and plan for your EMI.

Using EMI Calculator

You have enter loan amount and interest rate and no. of months or years you want to keep to pay the EMI and EMI calculator will give you end result and EMI schedule.

What are the benefits of EMI Calculator?

EMI calculator helps you to calculate the EMI and monthly loan payment schedule and this helps in financial planning of our life.

Will this EMI Calculator give EMI schedule monthly and yearly?

Yes, this will give monthly EMI to be paid and schedule monthly

What is the interest rate applied during my EMI?

It depends on the bank or lender whom you are taking.


What are you waiting for! Use this EMI calculator and do the financial plan of your life to achieve goals.


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