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What is an online accounting firm?

The multiplicity of 100% online accounting firms often destabilizes young entrepreneurs looking for an expert at a good price. You still have to differentiate between a 100% online firm and online collaborative platforms used by traditional firms. We take stock.

 A 100% online firm, the minimum union accounting

If online accounting offers are multiplying, it is because this new service offers a simplified experience and above all at unbeatable prices. Online accounting firms connect the client, the business manager, with a chartered accountant via a secure platform. The online firm can be perfectly suited for cash accounting for a self-employed entrepreneur or when a company needs the minimum union in terms of accounting, management, and advice. But as soon as a company must perform accrual accounting, the online firm clearly shows its limits.

As soon as you have more ambitions for your structure, it is better to call on a traditional cabinet. They will be better able to take the time to meet your personalized needs, particularly in terms of tax, accounting, and financial optimization. Besides, a traditional firm is better qualified to establish a real long-term business strategy.


Do not confuse an online office with an office using online management tools

Often there is confusion between a fully online firm and the online management tool used by a traditional firm. A traditional law firm can use an online collaborative platform to streamline exchanges with the entrepreneur through dematerialization. These platforms take the form of cloud software that bundles different functionality such as a chat or a dashboard.

It is a new way of considering customer relations while keeping a fixed place to receive business leaders if necessary. Because the entrepreneur is no longer obliged to move with his invoice binders and his mountains of receipts. The customer can transmit remotely, via this online accounting software available on PC, all the documents necessary for the establishment of the company’s accounts. It’s very simple and everything is centralized on an online account, while exchanges and communications with the accountant are facilitated, via an e-mail server or a messaging system.

By using this type of software, a traditional firm wishes to minimize time- consuming tasks with low added value, just to free up more time to carry out strategic advice. Note that it is up to the entrepreneur to get involved by sending the documents that his accountant will need. This dematerialization can also take the form of a smartphone application: a photo of the invoice and it is directly integrated into the online service of the traditional cabinet.

By asking the business manager to get involved in the collection phase, which is often very time-consuming for everyone, dematerialization software allows the overall price of the accounting mission to be fucked up for customers. You are generally not billed for the use of the platform (this is the case with Fred), and you only have to subscribe to a subscription (without obligation) with a chartered accountant partner of the platform. For the manager, one of the big advantages is the absence of initial investment. Besides, the partner accountant will be able to accompany you to explain the use of the online tool.


Firms completely online, a higher risk of scam

Without wanting to play Cassandre, 100% online firms are sometimes the favorite hunting ground for “fake” accountants. According to the Order of Chartered Accountants, the official organ of the profession, the false accountants abound especially in Ile-de-France, where they are rubbed shoulders 10000 5800 professionals registered with the College. Despite numerous controls but also heavy sanctions such as prison terms and fines, the crime of illegal exercise of the accounting profession is, unfortunately, doing well. Beyond not being entitled to exercise this profession, these usurpers are not covered by civil liability insurance protecting customers in the event of a fault. And in the worst cases, they can even divert sums supposed to be donated to the State or the Urssaf. If you decide to opt for a 100% online practice, do not forget to check that your contact is registered in the directory of the profession. (put the link?)


In conclusion, the online firm is a good solution for a self-employed entrepreneur or a very small structure that does not seek personalized advice or tax optimization. For a real strategy for the future, turn instead to a traditional cabinet. If besides, he offers to use online customer management tools, this is proof that this firm is modern and up to date with technological innovations.


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