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What is media and its importance?

In general, “media” refers to the tools of mass communication. Media today consists of television, the web, cinema, newspapers, radio, magazines, spam, fax, and therefore the telephone.

Images are very useful in media to assist get across messages effectively.


Media images are ubiquitous in modern society. We all know this because once we go almost anywhere, for instance, drive on the roads; we will see billboards promoting famous brands and therefore the latest products.

Media influence has become so powerful today that they will easily influence people positively and/or negatively. We also sleep in a society that depends on the media as a source of entertainment and knowledge.

Indeed, the media images affect both individuals and society which incorporates women, men, teenagers, and younger children.

Today, our life will remain incomplete without media.

For instance, it provides a simple means of communication where people can contact friends and family from another side of the planet.

At an equivalent time, media like television, radio, and therefore the Internet enhance our knowledge by providing access to information from everywhere the planet.

We will also receive differing types of stories or daily events through media, almost instantly, for instance, through the web. For instance, when the video of individuals protesting on the streets of Cairo in Egypt to vary the govt in Egypt was broadcast over the Worldwide Web, these images influenced more people from other countries to hitch the road protests in support of the Egyptian protesters.

These sorts of images when seen on TV, newspapers, or the web by individuals and “society” generally, can influence viewers to either support or not support those that are in power.

At an equivalent time, media like television enhances our knowledge by providing access to information everywhere the planet. We will also receive different news or daily events through the TV.

For instance, “Sesame Street” is one among the TV programs that features a positive influence on many of the younger generation. Television provides an honest influence in education by helping to show the proper values.

Newspapers have a positive influence on society. for instance , a woman from Malacca killed herself after falling from a building.

If we would like to understand more about what’s happening within the world around us, newspapers are a resource to urge the daily information.

On the opposite hand, mass media can sometimes have a negative influence. As an example , advertisements may show images of children enjoying fried chicken, burgers, snacks, and sweet drinks. These advertisements of images can have a strong influence on the young.

The ‘hidden’ messages behind these advertisements are to influence the younger generation to shop for and to enjoy these sorts of foods. However, these images don’t show or tell viewers that these foods might not be good for his or her health.

Images within the media can have a strong influence on our behavior. as an example , younger people may show disrespect or maybe bully older people. Images of violence somehow influence individuals and particularly the younger generation to think that violence is accepted by society when it’s not.

Such images have a strong influence on the mind and souls of children. He acts as an excellent thief who steals an outsized sum of cash . He’s so smart that no-one can identify who he’s . This show somehow teaches the younger generation that it’s right to steal and be smart they think is true.

Magazines display visual images which will deeply influence female readers. Supported the research from the web, 70% of girls feet insecure after they read magazines like Vivi, Mina, Allure, Instyle, and teenage Vogue.

These sorts of media images may have an enormous impact on society, and should even influence popular opinion on how females, especially young girls and ladies should look.


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